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    Hi Folks is there file to followup in progress cases and to check time lines with Aug 2020 applicants ? Looking for someone Thanks Badar
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    Sibling In Canada for Travel Restrictions

    There is exception if purpose of travel is non-discretionary. I was only concern either IM0006 is required or not.
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    Sibling In Canada for Travel Restrictions

    Bro, my question was for US Citizen not Canadian :)
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    Sibling In Canada for Travel Restrictions

    Hi Thanks for reply but its not correct for US Citizen, even if you see IM0006E form do have option for less than 14 days, how can you do quarantine if your stay in Canada is for less than 14 days? @scylla looking for your opinion Thanks
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    Sibling In Canada for Travel Restrictions

    Hi Scylla Written authorization is for US Citizens as well ? if they are travelling for less than 14 days ? Thanks
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Thanks Yes its an inland application
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Thanks I am totally unaware of this process. Have another question spouse is in Canada on PGWP expiring in July / Aug 2020. Now Application for spousal sponsorship has been sent can one apply for bridge visa now ? because chances of Decision till July are low or have to wait by June / July 2020...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Hi Does any one know how long it will take now to get first AOR for inland application ? is there any tracking spreadsheet for inland spousal sponsorship? Thanks
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    Hi Link is on following path Sometime additional document attachment button didn't show up After sign in click on check application status Look below the Application status and messages View submitted application and upload document Some time link don't show-up new documents to attach if...
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    Syed Muhammad Haider

    Its a wrong forum to ask your status, please put your inquiry via following link Good Luck
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    Received passport back from embassy on 2019-12-27 @YULIA-2016 Thanks
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    Travelling outside Canada for long time after applying for citizenship

    you don't need to if you are planning to come back on time for test Good Luck
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    Requesting an appointment at IRCC

    you dont need US visa to flagpole
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    Need a clarification

    No there is no impact of this. You can still order you case notes if you have any doubts Good Luck