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    Understanding PNP, its obligation to live in province and PR Status

    there is difference is getting an immigrant visa and becoming PR. A person become PR when he actually land in canada and receive hi COPR. To the point of becoming PR an offiver can cancel your immigrant visa and not issue COPR if you declare intension of settling in other province but why do...
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    IELTS Score needed for maximum points

    If you can increase your score to 8 777 (8 in listening) you can get upto 100 additional points
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    Guys there is an easy way of PR .you do not need to invest without properly analysing any business opportunity. Usually decession made with desperation are always not the best.Canadian immigration gives lot of weight age to skilled immigrants and I believe all peoe here looking to start a...
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    I have a friend in SK.I am sure he might be able to help you.connect me if you are ready to move to SK
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    Hi Sam.The timeline depend on which office LMIA is applied for.Is it LMIA to support PR then its taking around 1 month as of now and if its LMIA to hire temperory worker its taking 10-12 months Retail Supervisor LMIA are beeing issued if officer is convinced.My friend got 2 approvals for...
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    Intra company transfer are LMIA exempt.50points under express entry can be claimed only after completion of 1 year job in Canada
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    Your LMIA approval will have contact details like name and phone number of officer issuing same.Contact them directly to verify
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    try some rural communities.....your chances of LMIA approval are comperatively high in Rural communities.
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    Waiting period of my LMIA application was 11 months so I had to advertise all 11 months.The service officer will look at entire 11 months advertisement and not 3 months only
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    How become owner of an existing Canadian company?

    Buying a Lima is easiest way
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    Is there any hope for CRS 435 in 2019?

    See if you can get Lima approved job offer.that will add another 50 points
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    sponsor parents to Canada 2019

    Canada’s parents and grandparents sponsorship program will reopen in late January
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    What is the 1st thing to do to get a PR

    Ilets and education evaluation
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    LMIA Only to Support PR Application

    LIMA is classification as dual intent or single intent. There is $1000 fee which employer has to pay.