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    Hi Daris: So far there are more than 200 occupations are on open. And previous 74~78 cutoff was frequently for 19 open occupations. Does this mean they will prefer to choose candidates with close relatives in this province only though it is not stated specific as Manitoba? I cant expect any...
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    AINP NOI whose CRS score below 400

    Hello rily, your interested province is only albert or including others?
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    MPNP Strategic Recruitment Overseas

    Hi , Could I know you are in Manitoba or oversea applicant?
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    MPNP Strategic Recruitment Overseas

    Congrats! Could you kindly share how you got opportunity of MPNP interview? After exploratory visit or MPNP job fair or any other? Thank you very much!
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    Ray of Hope - 106th draw

    Hello angelique: Could you instruct how to attend the MPNP strategic recruitment initiative since the exploratory visit is now closed? Thank you a lot if you could share any information!
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    Feel happy for you!
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    MPNP Exploratory visit 2019

    MPNP website says news of exploratory visit are to be refresh. I saw it was closed from Feb. 2016. But till MPNP draw 70, there are always quite a few (30~60) candidates are issued with LAA under strategic recruit initiative program almost on every month. At the same time there is almost no job...
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    MPNP- Strategic Recruitment Initiative 2018 Timeline

    Dear friend: I saw you got Interview MPNP on 2019. Could I Know when you submitted EOI for exploratory visit? Is it before Feb.2016? Or could you tell how to attend any strategic recruit initiative?
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Hello, Could I know your CRS score? are you overseas applicant?
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    hello, Could I know have you got NOI from AINP? thanks!