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    IELTS Academic Computer based 9th April 2021 in Qatar

    Hii, anyone who did exam on this Friday, wanna discuss some answers??
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    Study permit from Qatar

    Which college and course have you got offer letter from? Do you know if we can apply from our home country?
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    Study permit from Qatar

    HI, are you following with any agent?
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    Study permit from Qatar

    Hii, what are your updates?
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    Qatar PCC

    HI, How were you able to prove that Qatar doesn't give for visit period? In your loe?
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    Applying student visa from Qatar ;

    Hii, Can someone please send me their SOP sample.. I'm in Qatar and trying to apply on study permit
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    Qatar PCC - Feedbacks

    Please update how was the process
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    Police Clearance From Qatar

    Hii, please update us the process... I'm also in the same situation
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    Applicants from Sri Lanka Connect here

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know if it is possible to get our travel history from the Sri lankan immigration to insert the dates of travels for PCC? Please help.
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    Applicants from Sri Lanka Connect here

    Any students applying for study permit for Sep 2020 or Jan 2021
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    Police clearance certificate?express entry

    Hii, did you get through it with a LoE?? Would you mind sharing the letter?
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    What is the equivalency of CIMA (Finalist) , UK by WES Canada?

    Do you know any courses in Canada that can be taken for a CIMA finalist?
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    Study Permit From Qatar

    Hii... May I know on which step you are in? I'm also looking for a good consultancy here in Doha
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    Student visa after 8 years gap

    Hii, were you able to get the acceptance with the age gap?
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    Qatar Application

    Hi guys, a quick question, can the medical for the visa requirements be done in advance and kept as it is valid for 1 year? I’m asking for Both student permit or/and EE profile. Is it possible to do it here in Qatar, without a request letter from the required documents ? did anyone’s wife was...