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    On student visa, can I bring my husband and son on dependent visa?

    Hi i will be going to canada in @ 2weeks for my PG. its a 1 yr course. i wanted to apply for my wife's visa also. but am i allowed to take her as a spouse on my student visa. from what i have read i need to show strong financials for that. also do i need a student work permit to even start the...
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    humber college visa success rate ???

    I had applied for Enterprise Software development and had applied for my visa on july 17th. Got visa in 10days time.. flying off in 2 weeks. - Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from University of Pune (2006) - Working as a Software Engineer since then - IELTS Band 7.5 (L 8.0, R 7.0, W 7.0, S...
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    Urgent - Spouse/Dependent Visa (along with student visa)

    Hi Guys i have got student visa for canada. i wanted to know what is the process for applying for a spouse visa? in my case i would be filing it for my wife. its a 1 yr course that i have applied for. Have u guys had any luck??