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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Even if the visit is less than 6 months? do you know what's the difference between the 2 options?
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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Hello Anyone knows what is the correct purpose of travel to choose for visiting my sister for 1 month? 1. to Reunite with extended family membrr who is a permanent resident or 2. To visit family/friends for less than 6 months
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    Approval in principle (AIP)

    Hello At which stage should we receive Approval in principle (AIP) for Express Entry PR application?
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    Exchange rate for proof of funds LOE

    Hello Did anyone use for currency conversion for proof of fund LOE and was accepted? I can't convert my currency onbank of Canada. Any other suggestions
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    Dual intent SOP

    I read in this forum that people got approvals with dual intent so please if anyone "has experience" with this matter please share it.
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    Dual intent SOP

    I would accept if there's a convincing alternative plan! not sure about VO perspective that's why I'm asking if people have experience with this issue.
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    Dual intent SOP

    I have already submitted PR application. Applying now for study permit because it PR will take long time and I a have already university acceptance to start in September. So I have to mention this in SP. But should I state my country ties as well my plan to return their if PR refused?
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    Dual intent SOP

    If I don't reveal my intentions this would be a can I have one application for PR and in the other one I'm confirming that I'm returning back to my country..If this is discovered by any mean it will ruin both applications I guess. The question is if someone was accepted...
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    Dual intent SOP

    Can anyone help me in writing a dual intent SOP? I am applying for study permit and PR at the same time. How can I convince the officer that I will not stay illegally? Should I mention that if PR got accepted I will stay and if not I still have my ties in home country like family, house? If...
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    Applying for Study Permit while PR application is open

    Hello Did you use the same medical exam for both applications?
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    Police clearance translation

    Hello My PCC should be translated, I'm confused regarding the translation package. I understand that the original PCC should be scanned and uploaded but should the original PCC be attached to the translation page and the translator mentions he attached the original without any stamps from his...
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    Version 2019 - Guide to Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE

    I have the same case, do you mean I should answer the statutory question" has xx been convicted/arrested/charged with criminal offense,,," with Yes?
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    Address history

    Anyone can help to confirm this?
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    Address history

    So at the end I don't put my home country origin? I would appreciate if anyone can confirm this