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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    Hi All, Could anyone help on priority would be great! We are planning to land this weekend to Toronto from USA. The current situation is that we have expired stamping but valid I797. The catch is now I94 which is updated with receipt of H1 extension needs to be endorsed by DHS. We visited...
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    Indian Driving Licence

    Hi , Thanks for the detailed info. Could you please let me know if 2 Wheeler licence from India will work and can I apply for g2 immediately after g1 with that licence and driving extracy
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    Indian international driving license is required any RTO letter to write G2-test

    Hi all, Will I be eligible for g2 test if I have two Wheeler driving licence from India
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation - risks

    Yes.. of course.. I am willing to know if there are recent example as I don't have client letter.. will it cause any problem
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation - risks

    Hi all, Your quick help is highly appreciated! I am planning to do a soft landing with my spouse on h1b. I have expired stamping but valid I 94. My question is has anyone tried automatic Visa revalidation for entry in USA on expired stamping and valid I 94... note: we don't have any pending...
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    School Admissions -- Read all about it here >>>

    Hi all, Thank you for all the valuable inputs. I am moving to Vancouver British Columbia in the month of July. My child is turning 5 on September 25 2019. My query is Will she be eligible for kindergarten for this year. If yes, what's the process. And if no what are the other options except...
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    File approved but no PPR email yet

    Received my PPR mail today
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    File approved but no PPR email yet

    Hi all,. I got my approval on 9 May. However, did not receive PPR it normal for everyone
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    Great!!! Congratulations ... Your country of residence please
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    AOR - FEB 2019

    Hi all, Anybody from Feb AOR received PPR???
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    You may contact the call center
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    It seems a ghost update.. you will soon receive ppr... What is your Visa office
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia Visa Office - Let's connect here!

    Hi all, I am fsw o candidate with Indian nationality and currently residing in USA. AOR : Feb 21 MEP and biometrics : Apr 09 Today I called cic and for response as Eligibility ... In progress Criminality ... Passed Security..passed .. But background check in progress.. Vo .. Sydney Please let me...
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    Biometrics for USA residents

    Thanks for the updates mine also got updated within couple of hours
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    Biometrics for USA residents

    I just been to Jacksonville ASC and they took biometrics without appointment.. Thank you all for the inputs.. Does anyone know how much time it takes to get updated in IRCC account