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    Help needed for ms in cs

    Hi can try for the following universities: 1>Windsor 2>Concordia 3>Ottawa 4>Regina Make a strong SOP justifying your switch in stream.
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    student for January 2015 intake join here ..... :)

    I received the decision from concordia for Masters in applied CS......not sure though whether would be joining concordia or not...Naser whats your profile like?
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    student for January 2015 intake join here ..... :)

    sandhu saab.....any idea for these universities?
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    student for January 2015 intake join here ..... :)

    Anyone waiting for SFU and ottawa for winter-15 intake in MSc or MCS resp?
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    Concordia university JAN 2015

    Got admit for Maters in Applied Computer sciences for jan-15 intake.
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    January 2015 applicants post here ......

    Hi guys, I have applied for Jan-15 intake: My profile: 10th 85% 12th 80% 67 % GRE-307 IELTS-7 2.5 yrs in TCS I have applied to Calgary,Ottawa,SFU and Concordia.Got admit from Concordia yet.Waiting for other decisions.What are the chances of getting into SFU or ottawa?
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    Buraaaah!!!!! Got the visa.... Jatt chalya CANADA

    Mubaraka..Paa do ghaa poora Kaneda vich ;D :D
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    Hi Guys I have also applied to MCS for Jan-15 intake.My file was completed on 12th June. Still waiting.Also last year they issued decisions in the month of Oct for MCS.