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    Calgary office _ Virtual Oath ceremony updates

    Congrats! My timeline is very similar to yours, although I do not have DM yet. Hopefully there will be movement shortly :)
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    November - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    I received my test invite on February 17; please update the spreadsheet. Office: Calgary App Received: Nov 28, 2019 In Process: Feb 18, 2020 Test Invite: Feb 17, 2021 Test Date: Feb 22, 2021 Thank you :)
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    November - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    Can someone please update my details in the spreadsheet? AOR - Feb 11 In Process - Feb 18 Thank you!
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    November - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    Calgary is the closer of the two.
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    November - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    Family size: 1 Location: Alberta Physical Presence: 1,500ish Application Sent: November 23, 2019 Application Delivered: November 28, 2019 AOR: n/a
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    Address for last 10 years

    No, you do not need to mention them.
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    Work hours calculation for CEC

    I suggest you immediately stop talking to that "Canadian Visa Law firm" because they obviously don't have a clue what they're talking about. We've already stated the CORRECT information in this thread, no need to write it out again.
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    Working less than 30 hrs /week

    Already answered elsewhere.
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    Proof of funds - e-APR

    You do not need proof of funds for CEC stream.
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    Work hours calculation for CEC

    No, your understanding is wrong. Calculate your full time equivalent weeks. (26.25 hours / 30 hours) x 15 weeks = 13.125 FTE weeks You have 40 weeks of full time experience from December 1 onwards. Add the two together. 40 + 13.125 = 53.125 weeks of experience. If that number is larger...
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    Proof of funds

    CEC = no proof of funds needed. It is written two posts up. With a link.
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    getting fired, employee reference letter + contract employment

    "Fired" generally refers to termination for cause. "Laid off" generally refers to termination without cause. I know I'm arguing semantics, but you were definitely not fired. As for your original questions, applying using this experience shouldn't be a problem, but you would be the best judge...
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    Dates mistmatch between ITA and eAOR stage

    There is no way anyone could possibly know. I would assume they will check when you started, when you submitted, and the fact that you're still working there, and figure it out from there.