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    I have been refused the study permit for the CPA program

    Scylla is correct on this matter. This school CPA Western of Business is unfortunately not recognized by the CIC as being eligible for PGWP. So I do not understand why do you even bother taking courses there. You could apply for another programs that are eligible for PGWP and do CPA courses online.
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    Study permit and Post Graduate Work Permit at the Same time - Discuss here

    How could you study without a study permit? If the institution does not require it, then the government does not care. you do not violate any rule here.
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    One study Permit for 2 back to back Post Graduate program

    Both of my programs require the university/colleges transcript only, and they already accept students for January and September intake so I could actually apply for both of them now.
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    Automatic renewal of CAQ because of Covid-19

    Guys, is it true that the Quebec government has decided to renew the CAQ of students who is going to graduate between April and August till the end of this year because of Covid-19 situation?? How about the study permit?? Could I use my current CAQ ( will be expired in August) to apply for a new...
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    One study Permit for 2 back to back Post Graduate program

    Hi guys, Has anyone got 1 study permit for 2 back to back Post graduate programs? Could that be done or I need to get each for each program?? Thank you!
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    Study Visa success rate after COVID 19

    If anything i think they will take in less immigrants, not more, but I could be wrong
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    PGWP and study permit at the same time...

    Wow congratulation!! I am very happy for you! May I ask the reason you did not use it was because you did not want to take the risk of being rejected, or because they have told you that it would not be counted toward your application? Also, how did you get such a high score without those...
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    PG-work permit and Study permit at the same time?

    So it does seems that it is possible to hold a PGWP + a Study Permit if I am not mistaken? I have the similar question as Sara97. Will the work experience that you accumulate with the PGWP while holding a Study Permit be affected?
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    PGWP and study permit at the same time...

    @hgunawa: I hope that everything worked out well for you. I would like to ask how did your situation turn out? Did the approve your work?
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    Study permit and Post Graduate Work Permit at the Same time - Discuss here

    I am in the very same situation with the OP right now. Graduate in Accounting programs in Canada has the weirdest structure. The Master program is Full-time, but it is delivered in 2 consecutive summers instead of year round. So there is a whole big gap of the Fall and Winter semester in...
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    Post-graduate online program is eligible for Study Permit/PGWP??

    Hi guys, I understand that they will not proceed a study permit for distant learning program. But considering that I have to register for this program now, and there is no information whatsoever regarding the current lock-down situation, do you think I can argue this with them?? This program is...
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    PEQ eligibility, two study permits

    IF you have part-time semester in your bachelor degree, you are screwed up for this PEQ stream?? Could I provide them proof that I had medical reason which prevented me to study full-time?
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Hi guys, What is considered to be a safe score in this process? They have a point system like express entry but I could not find any announcement in regard of cut-off points like the latter? Could any one who got their CSQ through this program shed me some light please? I am thinking about...
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    Got a passport request today.

    Got my passport back yesterday 7th January with the approval stamp on it ^^ Just want to get an update :D