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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    Hello all, Application changed to "In process" Please kindly update the sheet. App Sent: Jan 24, 2020 App Received: Jan 30, 2020 AOR: August 28, 2020 In Process: November 26, 2020 Application Type: Citizenship Location: Vancouver, BC Applicant: Single Physical Presence: 1107 Days
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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    Hi All, Long time follower of this thread. Received my AOR this morning. I haven't provided my details at all before, so, please input all my details (below). Please & Thank you App Sent: Jan 24, 2020 App Received: Jan 30, 2020 AOR: August 28, 2020 Application Type: Citizenship Location...
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    December 2019 - Citizenship Application

    Please keep in mind that for many people in the "November 2019" have not gotten their AOR yet. For example, just recently someone who got their Application delivered on November 26, just received their AOR on February 24 That's almost 90 days. I would advise contacting IRCC when you are...
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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    Fingers crossed..wish you the very best in your application. Let's wait and see.
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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    All the very best to you! Hope you receive the right outcome with no issues.
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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    Thank you so much. I really hope so. All the very best for the successful passing of your application :)
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    January 2020 - citizenship application

    I actually started from 2018 and went all the way down to 2015 (they asked for previous five years, so 2015 is the fifth and final previous year) and I stopped there. Filed my taxes from 2015 to 2018 That's 4 years of tax filing But now I'm worried since I did not even include 2019 in that...
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    Passports to CPC Ottawa- Oct 2017

    He is right about bringing your old work permits or study permits. Even if they're expired, you need to bring them so they could officially be voided. However, he is completely erroneous about booking an appointment. You should've told him that according to the CIC website, you can go to the...
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    I'm in the WhatsApp group titled, "CEC Only ~ June & July" If it is not this one, then ADD me please Thank you
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    I applied on June 8th, still waiting....
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    CEC Applications slowing down?

    I always feel like I'm the only one who echoes this sentiment. Good to see someone else reminding those that need this reminder
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    Waiting in IP2, lets connect here!

    The latest processing time that CIC published , now it's 78 days. You can check CIC processing time on their website.
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    BOWP - How many of you have applied and received it successfully?

    Hi, I tried to look at the earlier threads but I could not find your explanation. I also have a similar situation as the OP here. I'd be grateful if you could explain the reason for the blank status. My sincere apologies for asking for repetitive explanation, just like the original poster here...
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    Tips for a successful BOWP application

    Hi, I've tried searching this forum, going all the way back to page 40, and could not find a suitable answer My application status is blank and has been blank since August 17. Can someone please inform as to what this signifies????
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    Status on BOWP application from "On Hold" to blank - what happened?

    My application status has also been blank since August 17, does anybody know what this means???? I've tried searching on forums and could not find an answer. Thanks