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    PR in process and what to change

    Thanks for both of you.
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    PR in process and what to change

    our PR in process and want to change address of our new house we haven’t move yet. My friend said don’t update otherwise it will take more then 5 to 8 months delay because if you change new house. Please help me
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    Or in process changing address

    kindly help me I have applied PR in process I want to change my house then we will have new address. My friend said I don't have to change the address while my PR in process he said it will delay 5 to 8 months. Please help
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    Couldn't able to file tax

    we arrived in Canada 2018. April we have been protected 2019 March after we have filed our PR in July 2019 and nice to better place. We got new friend he said we have to pay tax we were not aware totally how, where, what conditions we have to file tax. We thought tax has been paid since we are...
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    Refugee travel documents problem

    I have called for Saudi and Bahrain embassy in USA I spoke to visa consulate he said with RTD plus PR I cannot travel to both countries. I should have passport reather refugee travel document sir your information is wrong now.
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    I renewed my passport as a protected person

    That was the problem since I asked. That what really I knew it that on RTD Dubai Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is not going to issue me visa since I have to travel for friend marriage. Otherwise I have to wait till I get citizenship. I have one more question please For PR they might going to ask...
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    I renewed my passport as a protected person

    Dear sir I am protected person as well. And have applied PR WHICH IS in process how come you got your passport. I need this information since they have our birth certificate and my kids too which I need to take them back need help. Second big question from all member. Even we cannot used...
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    After getting PR and wait for 3 years

    Even my wife but she cannot ready English but she do understand
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    After getting PR and wait for 3 years

    Do we need to pass citizenship test and interview as I am the main applicants and my wife and kids were dependent my kids are below 18 I don’t no what to do ?
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    After getting PR and wait for 3 years

    can you tell me please after receiving pr and waiting for 3 years what is the procedure and documents to apply as citizens we were refugee and got protected please help thanks.
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    finally!! as Refugee in a Canadian Permanent resident

    Dear Albertooo, It was great experience hearing from you and your journey. I need your help. I want to know how you link your application with gckey account since I tried a lot but failed. No one to help me so far. Second thing when you received a call from immigration regarding you police...
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    Renew my Refugee Travel Document

    Sir I have question for my friend he want to travel Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to visit. Do you think on refugee travel document he will get the visit visa or no. Saudi he is going for umra. His question is what will be his nationality mention on rtd he is concern about he have his pr card.
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    Refugee travel documents problem

    my friend is going to apply refugee travel documents. He have his PR since 2018 he want to travel Saudi Arabia and Bahrain any chances if he get the visit visa. Second his question what will be his nationality or birth place will be mention on refugee travel documents please advice. Thanks..
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    Got protected but not applied PR

    I have been got protected approved March 2019 till today i didnt applied PR reason I don't have money. If I apply this month how long it will take my friends said 3 year is that true. Do I need to do finger print since I have given before. Second question very important My friend said if...
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    PR not applied

    my friend got protected March 2019 as he was refugee. Until today he didn't applied PR since he said he don't have money. My question is whether how long he can wait or he can apply late. His second question is after getting approval letter he waste 5 months does these month going to add on...