Chose not to apply after taking into account e-visa fee, its simple all online documentation, and fast turnaround times and NO interactions with BLS!

Indian Passport Surrender...
Submitted in person at BLS, Brampton: 22Mar2023; Delivered: 17Apr2023

Canadian Passport Application....
Walk-in submission, at Mississauga Service Canada. 3 adult applications - 09Feb2023, 1 child application - 10Feb2023

Child's passport received 24Feb2023, adults passports received 02Mar2023

Citizenship Journey....
Paper application, Family (2A, 2C), Mississauga ON

Delivered: 08Sep2022 | AOR: 15Sep2022 | In progress: 16Sep2022
BG: 22Dec2022 | Test invite received: 12Jan2023 | Test passed: 17Jan2023
Language skills, Physical presence, Prohibitions: Completed 19Jan2023 | Decision made in ECAS: 20Jan2023

Citizenship ceremony: Invite received 31Jan2023, IN PERSON OATH TAKEN & BECAME A CITIZEN 06Feb2023

PR Journey....

Express Entry profile created: 11Apr2017

OINP NOI: 12Apr2017 | OINP application submitted: 24Apr2017 | OINP nomination received: 02May2017 | CRS draw ITA: 17May2017 | Medical done: 19Jun2017 | e-APR: 10Jul2017 | AOR: 11Jul2017 | ADR submission: 22Aug2017 | Medical complete: 23Aug2017 | IP2: 13Nov2017 | PPR: 16Nov2017 | Passport submission at VFS: 17Nov2017 | PR approved/passport received: 27Nov2017 | PR (landing): 01Jun2018