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Work Permit Application - Islamabad Pakistan

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by satifhr, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hello to Everyone,

    I applied for work permit by 28,December 2010. CIC Islamabad received my application at 29, December 2010
    According to Courier Service tracking system.

    Now till I have no response from CIC Islamabad. According to their website work permit processing time is

    about 16 weeks. This week is 16th week of my application. My all original documents and passport are stack

    in CIC Islamabad. How I know my application status ............Is any one have any Idea ?

  2. after how long u got ur work permit ?
  3. Hi Rizvi -110

    I got medical in 1st week of May 2011 and I done my medical in last week of May and then I received my work permit in last of August 2011.

    If you have applied for work permit you have to wait it take 7 to 8 months or may be more.

  4. 7-8 months :eek: ..... means 3-4 more to go ..... my employer need me on urgent basis.. they are also pushing embassy to speed up the process but i dunno what ll go next .. thanks for the info SAHR

  5. Hello,
    Khalil Malik here from Pakistan. I have submitted my passport for temporary work permit visa through fedx in sept, 2011. I am still waiting for the reponse. Its being more 7 months now and online tracking still says "your visa currently in process". can you please tell me the exact or estimated reponse time, since mentioned max Time on cic website is already lapsed.
    Furthermore, i am totally unaware of the procedure, if any further documentation is still required??

    Please guide the way forward

  6. Hello All,

    This is Amir from Islamabad I applied for a work permit at the embassy in Islamabad. I didn't get any help of an agent or consultant now I applied for the TRV for my family and myself.
    I sent the documents in January 2012 and still haven't heard anything it's almost 6 months now, can anyone help in what the next step should be and how long it's going to take.I am confused if they will ask for any medical exam.Kindly do let me in on ur personal experiences.

    Amir. :)
  7. Hi satifhr,

    Can you please tell me what documents did you submit with the application for TWP. In particular, are the following documents required with the application or requested later?

    1) Police certificate
    2) Medical

    Also, it says we need to submit original educational documents. Is that true?


  9. Hi to all,

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  10. anyone on this page can give me any consultant for work permit (Genuine Consultant), reply me at okkashif @ hotmail . com
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  12. bro i applied for OWP on 24 sep 2011 n done medical on 20 july 2012 n still no reply 4m CHC isb
  13. after almost 8-9 months ive got an email from embassy for the very first time saying .... Your application is currently in process and is in queue for review by an immigration officer. I ve a file number as well in that email.

    anyone knows what does it exactly mean regarding time & acceptance or rejection and how long it ll take further (trv + work permit + CIC islamabad docs send on 2nd feb)
  14. ASA
    I also applied for trv+wp and my case has taken full year n yet not any email from embassy about processing plz do tell your exp
  15. i ve got my lmo + contract in last week of january this year .. ve sended my docs on 2nd feb & since than no clue no reply from embassy .. but last week i ve got this email first time .. still i dont knw how long i ve to wait further..

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