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Will I be rejected because of this medical test! X-Ray!

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by achuma, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    After the 1st medical test, they required me 2nd test of X-Ray, because there is a small spot on my lung. Their requirement is:
    - X-Ray chest again with more detail
    - If size of spot is greated than 4.0, do sputum test
    So i went to DMP and checked X-Ray again.
    Luckily, the size of the spot is small, so i dont' need to do sputum test.
    Any chance i will get a visa?
    I did have this problem before, the doctor said it's just a healed scar in the past, not TB.
    Thanks all.
  2. I don't think there is any reason for rejection. Repeated X-Ray was requested to check about suspected TB. It is fine now if DMP cleared.
  3. dont worry everything will be fine.
    i have also same situation like you.
    got remedical for CXR and sputum test.
    By grace of God my sputum test is negative and i will do CXR and send my reports to VO .
  4. Lol, i got the feedback.
    They ask me to take CXR again and sputum test, which will take several weeks.
    I need to go for this semester (September). it's like putting an end to my study....
    God bless me...
  5. Dear ladhar
    How long did it take to get the sputum test result
  6. It takes 8 weeks. My husband is waiting the results as well. They asked because there is a small scar in his lung that has been there for a long time. Anyway, looks like they want to rule out TB.
    Good luck!

    ** drink plenty of liquids, specially milk the day before the exams and avoid using a pillow at night (before the test). It will be easier to produce some sputum.
  7. Dear canadaquerido
    Thanks a lot. Please let me know your progress. we just did medical exam. one of my dependents has a small scar on CXR too. we are told that they might ask for more tests
  8. Wow. God really blessed me.
    I got my visa.
    I gave them my test result long time ago, so they see the chest stable and allow medical clearance.
  9. When did u apply for the visa achuma? I got a medical furtherance to do
    a lordotic xray but they did not state any reason. Also my DMP said
    that every thing is fine. But I am worrying that they might give me a sputum test
    in that case it will be over for me as my classes are due to start on September 5th.

    Did u do the sputum test ?
  10. Dear achuma
    When did u do the your first med exam, your second exam and your sputum test?
  11. First Exam: May 24, sent out June 4th to Regional Health Office
    Second Exam: Lordotic X-ray and CT scan: July 13, sent to Regional Health Office 19, July
    Required Smear and Sputum test: August 13th: After receiving this news, i forwarded them my medical report a year ago which stated I didn't have active TB that time (using email only). Immediately after 1h, they announced my medical clearance (stable X-Ray), and agreed to issue visa (still i have to make follow-up when arriving Canada later).
    So if you guys have any results in the past, just bring to the DMP in advance, so they can compare, dont make it late like my case.
  12. Hi Achuma,

    Congrats!! Excellent news!

    I am not sure if they accept old exams for everybody. In our case, we sent a X-ray taken 7 months ago and they did not give us any reply. The DMP also said that they asked for the sputum test and they would not accept an old X-ray (although their letter stats "X-ray older than 6 months to show stability) !??

    I called our Visa office and they said that no medical clearance will be given before sputum's results. So...we sent this previous X-ray for nothing!(just more money spent with FedEx !)

    Smear is negative for the 3 samples but culture takes 8 weeks. We have still 4 weeks to wait for the results and "x" weeks till "medicals received" appears on e-cas.

    Our passports are at the visa office since early June, because they asked for everything together ((forms updated; passports and medical request).

    Long wait....

    Congrats to you and good luck to everyone with the same furtherance !
  13. Probably, they need result from a trusted hospital. In my case, I asked for help from my doctor from a big hospital where I took X-Ray chest and other tests. He sent me an email, stating the health condition, history of treatment and tests, conclusions, and X-Ray image. I just forward that email to the Consulate of Canada in my country, and it's ok.
    I believe it will be convincing if you have as many data as possible to prove your inactivity.
  14. Hello Friends,

    I would like to give you the happy news that the sputum results for my husband came yesterday: all NEGATIVE for the 3 samples!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    We went to the DMP and he did the new CXR there (in fact he did two, one as the "regular xray, big image" and another one as a "side view of the lungs" (sorry I don't know the medical terms but I guess you got the picture :eek:

    Doctor said everything is fine and that we must wait our visa! Everything was sent to Ottawa today. I am SO HAPPY !!!!

    I wish everyone that is suffering for the long wait for sputum results that your results come negative as well! :)
  15. Hi canadaquerido

    congrats for your's negative results . i am also waiting of my son's sputum test reports. Please can you tell me which is your VO?

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