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Where to get an open work permit application form

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by thadshp, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have applied for an in-canada class application for permanent residence as my husband is a canadian and my application is being processed. I would like to send an open work permit application form and I dont know where to get an application form from. It has to be the open work permit and I am done searching for it.
    Can anyone help please!!!

  2. You should have sent the OWP application with your spousal application package.

    As you didn't, you cannot now send it and must wait until you get your Approval in Principle letter. Once you get that letter (usually takes about 8months) you can then apply online for a OWP '

    All this information is available on the CIC website. Look for 'extending your status' section.

    (Sorry I am useless at posting links)
  3. There is no specific "open" work permit application form. You use the generic work permit form, here:


    You can send the application in separately from the PR application and before AIP, however you have to be very, very clear about what your request is. You need to specify that you want the open work permit application to matched up with your inland PR application, and be set aside and NOT processed until AFTER approval in principle is granted.

    You should only do this if you already know your client ID number, e.g. from a previous work permit. Without that, they are going to have a hard time matching up the OWP application with the PR application.

    It's probably worth writing something like "Open Work Permit Application - please match up with inland PR application and set aside until AIP" right on the front of the work permit application.

  4. Would that work?? and that is interesting.

    From everything I have read, no one has ever got an OWP at AIP, if it was not sent with the original application.

    So I am very interested in hearing from anyone that did manage to achieve this. This could be some very, very good advice, if so, as many people do not realize then can send or indeed need to send the OWP at first.
  5. hi guyz! can you please give me an info how to apply for OWP my husband is in canada as a foreign skilled worker since 2009 we are already nominated by New Brunswick under Provincial nominee program and application for PR was already submitted to Buffalo last july 1st but until now we haven't receive AOR/MR. Im here in the Philippines I don't know the procedure or what will be the best thing to come to Canada, to be with my husband while waiting for PR application can you please help me any suggestion? thanks in advance... godbless
  6. Hi

    You would have to apply in Manila for a TRV with proof of your spouses employment in Canada and proof that you have been nominated for PNP by New Bruinswick. There is no guarantee that it will be issued. See: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines/visas/visiting-visiter.aspx?lang=eng

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