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What to tell the current employer when asking for a work certificate

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by 321, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. The Quebec Application for Selection Certificate requires the following among other items:

    •The work certificates must be produced on the company’s letterhead. They must be dated and signed and bear the signatory’s name and function. They must also give the following information:
    ◦start and end dates of your employment;
    ◦where applicable, your social security registration number related to your work activity;
    ◦contact information for your employers, including their telephone number;
    ◦job positions that you held and a description of tasks that you performed.;

    Some employers, as soon as they realize that you have an intent to leave their company, will fire you shortly thereafter :eek:. So my question is: what do you tell the current employer to get the document so as not to make them suspect that you intend to leave? Any other suggestions?

  2. You can,
    1. Tell your employer that you are gonna do a part time MBA or something like that and get the letter.
    2. Write a covering letter to CHC/CIO/Embassy explaining that your company doesn't provide experience letter and asking for one could jeopardize your current career. Write your list of duties and projects dones in the same letter along with contact no of your boss or HR.
  3. Thanks, nano.

    I think I'd rather go with the second option you mentioned. Just curious - has anyone ever submitted this this:

    If so, what was the outcome?

  4. Just wanna know what if you cant get an experience letter from your old employer (6 years back) as the management has changed....
  5. You need to write an self explanation letter and try to attached the correspondence with new management, if possible.

  6. I did the same thing, but still have not received medical. During my discussions I came across some applicants who have done similiar stuff and they received the visa(it is somewhere in jan/feb/march file transfer thread).
    I prepared an affidavit listed my job duties and projects done(i worked in projects and not maintainance), included list of companies i worked for with corresponding bosses and projects done.
    Apart from this I included visiting cards of my bosses(getting from ex bosses was no problem, current one??)
    I have worked in one group with different companies.
    In case you don't want to include visiting cards you can say that this will jeopardize your current career and you won't be considered for promotion/raise and you will provide contact information if asked for...
    As long as your case is genuine and the CIC/CHC feels that way you won't have any problem.
  7. Thanks Coolguy..... One more question what if you have worked in two professions in the same company and the experience letter just states one profession as that is mentioned in the contract while joining....... will that be a problem to prove that you have worked in two professions?
  8. If you are able to complete 4 years work experience, then be honest to them. Attached the latest work experience letter and other relevant documents. Please a write a explanation letter for same that company is providing the experience letter for latest profession.

    If you are not able to complete the 4 years , then you have to careful while submitting the documents for employment. Here you can take one profession (which you prefer more) and show that you have worked for that profession only. Attached the documents which does not show profession.

  9. Write a letter to your organization and ask for an experience letter.
    If it doesn't work than
    You can(only to prove that you worked for the organization, not list of duties)
    1. Submit your Contract papers(joining letter & relieving letter and everything in between)
    2. Submit your payslips(in case you don't have the above)
    3. Submit you IT returns(It should have employer's name)
    4. Submit your bank statement(obviously from that time and it should have back up)

    If none of the above is possible just write a letter to CIC explaining your condition, but this line of work should not have any implicaiton on your application.
  10. Dear Coolguy/Nano,

    I joined the company in a low skilled profession and later after one year was giving the task to perform the duties of a skilled profession but nothing in writing.........
    Now I have left the company but when I asked for the experience letter they gave me the letter as low skilled profession as that is what the contract says when I joined.
    Now Iam applying for a skilled profession will the VO officer accept it.
    I can prove that I have worked for the company but cant prove that I worked in a skilled profession. Will my case be rejected???

  11. @ coolguy and Nano - As an example , a person joined company as Project Manager and later after 2 years transferred to as Sales Manager on which performed for another 2 years. What should be mention on the experience certificate by the employer. Please explain.
  12. Most of people will have work experience will falls under different categories.
    For eg when I joined my organization 7 years back I worked on site as electrician(for electrical and instrumentation, ie. 7242 and 2243) and supervisor, later got transferred to design department(this is engineering work 2133) and also handling ISO related work(1122).
    If you were handling the duties simultaneously than go ahead and mention the duties even if you don't have proof, but if you have been promoted or transferred(and your work ex in particular NOC is less than 3 years) than keep don't mention it.

  13. I guess I made my point.

    Don't you get yearly apprisal/raise letter?? Cos in this way you can prove it.
    Otherwise it is difficult to prove.
    You can PM your exact problem so that we can work on it.

  14. Dear leo1234,

    If I am in your shoes, I will select the profession first (which I prefer) and then get the experience letter accordingly.

    You need to be diplomatic while getting experience letter from your company.

    If I am able to achieve 4 years as "Project Manager" I will ask the company to give me experience letter as Project Manager bcoz I have worked earlier for that. Similarly If I want Sales Manager as profession, I will act accordingly.

  15. Hi guys,
    I am also having difficulty in getting experience letter from my former employer (more than 4 yrs experience). I have made contacts and he appears relunctant to send the letter directly to me. he said he will main it to CIO. No problem, just send me a copy to send with my application. This up and down has been going on for a month now and I am about giving up. The difficulty is I am currently in another country thus cannot go there myself...only I can do is call and e-mail which are not responded. Luckily he sent me a draft of the letter he has written and send he will finalise it and send it to my via e-mail. I am considering writing a cover letter and attach my payslips (which i fortunately kept for most part of the 4 yrs), as well as current e-mail correspondence between my former employer and I. has anyone done something similar and it went ok? Please share your experiences!.

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