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What is Regulation10 of IRPA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by rajsingh1, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I recently applied for canada immigration on skilled labor class but CIC returned my application on the basis stating " As you application does not meet the requirement of Regulation(10) of IRPA, it is incomplete. It is being returned to you for this reason"

    Can some one please tell me what is the Regulation(10) of IRPA, , What i need to do to complete and resubmit my form.
    I have submitted my application under the Computer/Software programmer category

    I will appreciate the response.
  2. The details depend on the date you submitted your application but to give you sense , you can see the summary of what constitutes a complete application in section 7.1 of OP-6 at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/op/op06-eng.pdf

    "Applications received at the CIO will first be reviewed for completeness pursuant to R10, including the following required forms, fees, information and documents:
    • required forms, including a signed and completed IMM 0008E GEN containing the name, birth date, address, nationality, marital status and current immigration status of the applicant and all family members (whether accompanying or not), and identifying the principal applicant, properly completed Schedule 1's for the principal applicant, his or her spouse or common-law partner and all dependent children aged 18 and older listed on the IMM 0008, as well as a properly completed Schedule 3 for the principal applicant;
    • the results of the principal applicant's English or French language test from a designated testing agency (see section 12.6)
    • evidence of payment of the applicable fees (please see Section 5.4 for more information on fees);
    • the visa, permit or authorization being applied for;
    • the class in which the application is made;
    • the Use of a Representative form, if appropriate;
    • a signed statement to the effect that the information provided is complete and accurate
    • any information and documents that may be required by the Act and Regulations."

    And also since "June 26, 2010, a valid official language test result from a designated language testing agency must be submitted as part of the application."

    You can also find IRPA at http://www.canlii.org/en/ca/laws/stat/sc-2001-c-27/latest/sc-2001-c-27.html

    Before you re-apply, check if you qualify for one of the NOC codes at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-who-instructions.asp. Several are closed off for this year and we don't yet know what the new instructions will be for July so keep looking if you're not in luck now.

    Good luck next time around :)
  3. I submitted my application on March 2012
    1. I have submitted the IELTS test score. Thispart is not checked as the reason why the application was send back

    2. On the paper which was send back . There was line highlighted in Yellow which ask to go on this website "cic.gc.ca_english_immigrate_skilled/_ndex.asp" and check the eligibility criteria. Now when i go there and take the assessment test again . I took it before i submitted the application to see if i qualify under the section "What is your occupation?"
    i donot see Computer Engineer/programmer option. I have applied as software programmer but donot see this Skill area any more. Is my application rejected due to this reason of change in skill area
  4. Hi

    If your occupation is not on the list of "29" you are not eligible. Computer programer is not on the list.
  5. I also received a letter along with my application package from CIO informing me that my application for BCPNP did not meet the requirements of regulation 10 of IRPA... " if the requirements of sections 10 & 11 are not met, the application and all documents submitted in support to the application shall be returned to the applicant". Can anyone enlighten me with regards to R 10 of IRPA? I applied under the CIC-BCPNP FSW reduction pilot project. Thanks and God bless.

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