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What does it means" Application under final review"

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by raj84, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. My file is under final review.After how long i can except PPR
  2. How did you receive this update "final review"? Did you send a case specific enquiry??
  3. I did email to enquire that , i got this response.
  4. I was notified with the same message!
  5. Did u recieve ur ppr?
  6. Nope, Still waiting.. waiting and waiting.. when did you complete your medical?
  7. Whats ur timeline.i completed medicals in july/11
  8. Mine was August 31. It looks like our cases going in a spin.. I have lived in 4 different countries though..
  9. dont know whats going on.did they cross check your job offer with your employer or asked any additional docs
  10. No since day 1, they never requested a single extra document from me. When I was waiting for my AINP Nomination they have requested my salary slips and hours of work etc. from my employer.

    They took 13 months to generate AINP certificate for me. And I have submitted my Docs to visa office in February. Ecas changed to in process in July and meds requested in 4 days after the change occured. Since then I have mailed and they confirmed the meds were received and the file is with Case officer to review.

  11. i am really confused by the term "Final Review".If they already issued medicals and everything is ok now what else is remaining for review.Do u have any idea.I was told its in queue for final review and it will take few weeks.
  12. I have the exact same question mate! Well it has been 4 months since my medical and for you it's 5.. I have requested GCMS notes as well to see if I can figure out something. I am still waiting for that as well, besides I dont like to mail visa office and mess with them with inquiries..
  13. Whats your ecas right now? was it changed to meds received??
  14. Its "In Process" from oct 13/11 and also with three lines: app recieved,medical recievd and started processing on xxxx
  15. I don't even have meds received! Only 2 lines.. App received and in process.. :(

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