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What do I need to visit europe with PR card from Canada?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Ladis, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. hi,

    I am planning on visit Europe this December. I don't have a Canadian travel document but i have PR card and its expiring in April 2012 which is not a problem. Can I travel to Europe with my PR card or do I need to get a travel document and visit Visa? Where and how long will it take to obtain my Canadian Travel document? Also I have applied for my citizenship in August do I have to stay in Canada until I get my citizen ship?

  2. A PR card will be enough for you to get back to Canada. You will only have to check if you need a visa to go to Europe. Contact an embassy of one of the countries you are planning to visit and ask. Much of Europe is one passport area so you will probably not have to apply for visas to all the countries you want to visit.

    You do not have to stay in Canada until you get your citizenship and if you applied in August, it is unlikely you will hear from them in December but be aware that at any point they may send you a letter to appear for your citizenship test with 2 weeks notice so after this vacation, it would be advisable to stay closer to home, not to leave for too long because you don't want to miss your test date.
  3. Thanks

    Going to be there for 2 weeks. i need a travel document to get a visa. als o i heard going to Ottawa in person is faster than applying it over mail. thx again for your reply.

  4. Do you have a passport from your home country? In that case, simply use that passport for the European trip and your PR card to get back into Canada.
  5. Most european country do not issue visa to PR Card holders who were reugee before.
    Like Germany, France,(Its also written on German embassys home page)

    however If you have a Canadian travel Document for non Canadians (also called CRTD Convention refugee travel document) you dont need a visa to enter Europe.

    A holder of a valid Canadian Travel Document does not require a visa to enter Germany if the purpose of the trip is business, or if the person enters Germany as a tourist or a visitor, and if the duration of the person's stay does not exceed 90 days.Travel Document with the competent Canadian authority, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

    So german is in shengen state,,so if you dont need a visa to enter germany then I am pretty sure that you dont need a visa for other shengen countries as well
    you can land in germany(you have entry stamp) and this stamp allows you to visit all shengen contries..

    good luck

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