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What all documents need to be Notarized ?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ajosephhh, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. What all documents need to be Notarized ?

    1. Photocopy of, B.E - 8 semester Marksheets + Degree Certificate
    2. Photocopy of, Bank Loan Sanction Letter (Do students usually send original Sanction Letter or photocopy to VFS)
    3. Photocopy of, Fixed Deposit Certificates
    4. Sponsor Statement (in original, so is notary required)
    5. Photocopy of, 10th, 12th mark sheets
    6. Photocopy of, First year Fees payment receipt from the university
    7. Photocopy of, Work experience Certificate.

    I have some other questions too,

    1. In the CIC website, they have given like this

    To have a photocopy of a document certified, an authorized person must compare the original document to the photocopy and must print the following on the photocopy:

    “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document”,
    the name of the original document,
    the date of the certification,
    his or her name,
    his or her official position or title, and
    his or her signature

    Why I am asking is, Lawyer's in my place are refusing to do the above and they are asking Rs 100 to notarize a single document, so it comes around Rs 1500 for 15 documents....
    Other students who have done this please let me know what did your lawyer write on the documents and how much you paid for it...

    Thank you...
  2. My personal view is that you have to follow the local Canadian visa requirements.
    If they don't ask for notarized documents then don't notarize whatever you think.
    I suppose that they don't refuse study permit for NOT notarized documents (if of course is not written in official site).
    If they need something extra from you then they will inform you.
    Don't provide extra documents id it is not required.

    Please experts advice here.

    But please whatever you say prove it with a link from cic or local visa office and not post something because you read it from a post or somebody wrote it here.
  3. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5269ETOC.asp#5269E3
  4. Hi,

    1. If you are from India, you do not need any notarization. It's absolutely not required.
  5. hi ajoseph

    did you receive your LOA already?
  6. Yes Sweet J... I arranged for an express courier (TNT)...
  7. Yes brother, I am from India...Are you absolutely sure that i do not need any notarization,
    cause in the CIC website - "http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5269ETOC.asp#5269E3" - on the
    "Guide 5269 - Applying for a Study Permit outside Canada", It's given to get all photocopy of original documents notarized.
    But if senior members advice me it's not necessary, then i am happy... Cause Lawyer's behavior here is not good, and i hate to go there again.
  8. @ajoseph

    it took you how many weeks to receive your LOA
  9. Hi,

    1. You should follow this checklist (India);

    Generic http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/pdf/study_permit_20-09-2012.pdf
    University http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/pdf/Delhi_study_permit_1_22.10.12.pdf
    SPP http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/pdf/Student_Partners_Program_09022013.pdf
  10. I told you I arranged for courier (TNT courier service).... It takes 3 to 4 days to import and costs around Rs 3000...
    And DHL costs you Rs 4100...
  11. So is the Final Answer - "No need for Notarization"
  12. Topic Resolved: Below is the reply I got from VFS

    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    Please be informed, you need to submit only photocopies of the all documents.
    Kindly note, if all documents are in English there is no need to be notarized.


    Canada VFS Helpdesk Team

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