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Way to have PR in SASKATCHEWAN

Discussion in 'International Students' started by happygarcha, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I m going to SASKATCHEWAN in uni of Regina for 1year certificate course. Plz sugest me a way to have PR by living in SASKATCHEWAN !!!
  2. Study in Sask for one year and than apply for your post graduate work permit and you will get it only for one year as you have studied for one year only..If you studied for a 2 years program than probably you would get 3 years...Anyways, after getting your permit work in Saskatchewan for about 6 months and than you will be eligible to apply for a PNP nomination and hopefully youll get it and than you can apply for PR in Federal government. After you get your nomination you can extend your work permit from CIC..But as you will only have a one year permit you need to do things extremely fast..You have to find job as soon as possible after getting out of college and than work for 6 months and the PNP certificate sometimes takes 2 months to arrive, So you should have enough time to cover all this formality in your post graduate work permit...Remember that as long as you dont recieve your PNP certificate you wont be eligible to apply for an extension...Why not study for 2 years and than you can get a 3 years permit and than you can do things easily and more confortably...Just a opinion..

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  3. Hi I'm studying in BC now.I have an uncle and his family here in BC who I live with. Can I do my certificate here in BC than apply for my post graduate work permit which would be for a year then move to Saskatchewan and work there for 6 months and apply for PNP there and after getting it apply for my PR.what are the chances of me getting a PR there as of now I have a study permit up to 2015 Jan.and if I don't get my PNP by time can I continue studying for another year and do the same process?please advice me thank you.
  4. Hi,

    1. Yes, you can complete your study in BC, get a Post Graduate Work Permit, move to Saskatchewan, secure a job and after working for 6 months apply for PR under PNP.

    But, you shall not get any "special advantage" by doing as such. That process is same in all provinces, be it BC, Alberta, Ontario or Saskatchewan.

    2. Yes, you can continue your study once you complete your first, but to seek PR under PGWP you can not repeat the same process again, as you shall get a Post Graduate Work Permit ONLY ONCE.
  5. special advantage means plz explain ?

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