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Visitors Visa Form - Purpose of visit Question

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by gen121, May 22, 2010.

  1. I am planning to apply for a visitors visa to Montreal (Quebec) and undecided on what to write in the section on 'Purpose of visit ...' - Tourist, Business or Others

    I am actually hoping to visit Quebec with the intention of seeing the place (this will be my 1st visit to Quebec and 2nd to Canada) do a proficiency in French exam and possibly apply for PR while on the visit.

    What might be considered a good reason?

    Thanks for your response.
  2. Well as long as you can show proof that you can self support yourself on your visit then,where are u coming from.If your visa exempt then you really just got to prov you can support yourself while you are here.If you need a visitors visa then you need to apply say your coming for vacation and prove that you can support yourself and prove that you have enough ties in your home country to bring you back there(prove you have a rason to go back home at the end of you visa status.
  3. Thanks iarblue. I have taken note of your advice. I am coming from the UK but not Visa exempt.

    Another thing, can I apply for PR (or CSQ) while on a visit?
    The website says "The application must be submitted or mailed to one of our Bureaux d'immigration du Québec (Québec immigration offices) abroad that covers your territory."

    Is this just a general statement and does not stop someone on-ground (visitor's visa) from submitting a PR (or CSQ) application?

    Thanks for your response.

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