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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Anonymous123, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. HI,

    I want to apply for TRV from Pakistan to meet my relatives in Canada. My aunt lives in canada and holds canadian citizenship. I am an engineer and working as lecturer and also doing my Masters degree from Pakistan. I will be getting some days off during summer 2012 for my vacation and I want to meet my aunt during these vacations. All of my family lives in pakistan. I have no travel history yet. i would be able to show sufficient funds.

    Going through these forums,I am realizing that this is not good enough reason to visit canada if thats the case then what could be the valid reason to visit canada? As i want to vist my aunt, and i dont understand what else reason i can give to vist canada except the fact that i want to see my aunt?

    your help and response would be greatly appreciated

  2. Visting your family is indeed a valid reason to visit Canada. Canada would love for you to visit and spend lots of money there!!

    I think what you are intrepreting here is that in order to get a visa to visit Canada, you have prove that you will return to Pakistan!! That is the difficult part. For that, you will have to show as many strong ties to your home country as possible. If you have children/wife in Pakistan that will not be coming with you to Canada, that is a strong tie to Pakistan. If you own property in Pakistan, that is a strong tie. If you have a good career in Pakistan, that is a strong tie. If you are in the middle of your masters program at a university in Pakistan, that is a strong tie to Pakistan.
  3. Hi,

    how to send an email inquiry to CHC Islamabad regarding visit visa? what must be the content?

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