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visitor visa for spouse of international full time student

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by samir3132, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. hi friends can any one plz help me for my following query
    i am in canada full time student want to that my spouse came here and joine me
    so my ? is
    1)how much fund i saw in my canada account as i write invitation letter for her & how much balance from her side she is working in india
    she have both job letter and leave letter

    2) can i submitt my both student permit and work permit along with her visitor file?

    3)when she get open work permit?
  2. friends plz solve my query i need to apply for visa
  3. dear ppm,

    plz solve my query!
  4. dear all friends,

    plz solve my query
  5. hey samir,

    as per the CIC site, you have to show around $ 4000 CAD for the dependent.

    as far as i have read some posts on this forum, the open work permit gets stamped at the port of entry.

    guess this reply is very late. do post your experience in bringing your spouse to Canada. Am kind of in the same situation and wanted some info. Thanks !
  6. hi vibez,
    i got married couple of months ago. i am on student visa and now want my wife to join me. she doesnot work and funds are sent across to me by my parents. my parents and youngers brothers are PR in Canada. do I have to show $4000 CAD, and which kind of a visa should she apply? how many days does it take to process?? what are the chances? do you recommend me to go through a lawyer or should we apply on our own...pls. advice...

  7. hi mansari,

    ur wife shd apply for a TRV in the homecountry. She will have to show $4000 as funds to support herself while in canada. more importantly, she should show ties to home country. real strong reasons that will convince the visa officer that she will come back to the home country. include property in her name, the land tax receipts for that etc. if not in english, get it translated.

    as I understand from your post... u, ur parents & brothers are in canada. some people treat this as a weak case for ur wife (from a temp visit angle) coz there are a lot of reasons y ur wife will not return back to home country.

    just go to the vfs canada website and follow the checklist. I suggest that you get hold of a good consultant. going thru a consultant wont make ur case any better, but it can avoid the risk of going wrong (most of the times)

    you can know ur decision in within 10 days. (assuming the application is made in New Delhi, India)

    inspite of what the consultants say, you shd also be aware of the rules & regulations. go thru the checklists urself too.

    all the best.

  8. hello vibez,

    well finally my wife has submitted her application for trv. i have also shown that i have a leased apt in toronto by sendin g across the rental agreement. other than that i have shown 7000 cad from my end which al;so says she will be stayin in canada for two months only since i am on student visa and funds r provided by my dad... she also showed her dads financial statments...n finally my invitation letter and her request letter to tracvel to canada to meet me....i just hope things go in the rite direction...tensed up!!! well does the visa tracker online shows whether visa has been apprroved/rejected....
  9. all the best mansari, hope things work out well for you.

    the visa status tracker online doesnt show the approval status. just the stage of processing (received, processing, despatched etc.) you will know the status only when you open the courier with the passport.

    best of luck again.
  10. Hello vibez_well,

    I am also in the same situation, But I am on workpermit.My wife got TRV just on Dec1'2010 and she is planning to come to Canada.I have a concern here.She is eligible for open work.Does she can ask immigration officer at the port entry in Canada to get the open work permit.

  11. hi rakomineni,
    how much funds did u show for gettin trv fr ur wife??? where did u apply it from...was it a smooth process or were there ny obstacles like interview n all....
  12. yes, she can apply for the open work permit at the port of entry in Canada. All the best to you guys ! :)
  13. Hey rakommineni,

    I hope you could tell me how you managed the TRV for your wife. Thing is I'm also on post-grad work permit (which is open) and currently working. My wife applied for a TRV (Single-Entry) back in April' 2010 with a purpose to attending my convocation (held in June' 2010). I followed the checklist posted in the VFS-Bangladesh website. Her application was denied showing the cause that she couldn't satisfy the Visa Officer that she would leave after specified date (which is pretty common). At that time, my study-permit was near ending and I couldn't apply for work permit as I did not get my degree certificate yet. I did show my job offer letter though. And she was doing her medical internship.

    Recenty, I've been nominated by Ontario-PNP and soon I will be applying for PR. I will be going to BD in coming March with 6-month bank statements which I couldn't show earlier. I am willing to get her a TRV this time. How much fund do I need to show? Could you help me out with the whole documents you/your wife provided to convince the Visa Officer? Moreover, what were the STRONG ties (as vibez_well mentioned) that your wife proved? Did you seek any consultancy from any professionals either in BD or Canada?

    For others, if you could enlighten me on this, I would be grateful. Is she eligible for an Open Work Permit on the port-of-entry? I was told by CIC that since I'm already on a post-grad work permit (which is open according to them), she is not eligible for a OWP. If she is, could you forward me a link that elaborates it?

    I will really appreciate all your suggestions.

  14. Here it goes.
    1.First time my wife TRV also rejected due to various reasons as family relationships in Canada and India,assests,current job info and travel ticket
    2.Also based on my work, while filling the application the duration of trip till my workprmit date, thats not correct.
    3.While applying 2nd time,She put all the above info.
  15. Rejection on open work permit for spouse of international full time student


    I am also facing a rejection from canadian ambassay for open work permit for my husband. I am a full time grad student. They also gave the same reason that he is unable to convince visa officer that he will left the country after visa period. He had attached all the property documents and he also signed a bond with his Indian employer, so that he can prove that he will come back. But nothing worked for our case. I am upset now, I dont know how should he apply second time? what reason he should give to satisfy visa officer? Would this make any difference if he apply for visitor visa? Please somebody help me.

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