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Visitor Visa Duration/Validity - Temporary US worker

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by visiting_canada, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I am in Michigan, US currently and would like to visit Canada. I am an Indian citizen on temporary work visa. I can drive to Detroit Canadian Embassy, and get the visitor visa stamped in person.

    My question is that my current US visa will expire next month (October 2009). Could anyone please tell me if I apply for Canadian visitor visa at this time, for how long will they issue me the Canadian visa.?

    Thank for help!

  2. Detroit office is famous for being very hard to get visitor's visa from.
    if you apply in person and they decide to give you visa, it will be granted right the same morning of your visit.
    unfortunately the chances are very slim, especially if they can see that your US visa is about to be expired.
    good luck
  3. Hi,

    Normally when a single entry visa is granted, the validity is for 6 months- meaning within the 6 month validity period you can leave the US and enter Canada. Depends upon the officer at the port of entry how long he'll let you stay in Canada, usually 6 months too. But considering your status in the US there is a strong possibility you may not be given a visa. Being given a visitor's visa would be contingent upon your reason for wanting to visit Canada, your travel history and the ties you have in the US. You can show your return ticket (if your work visa is expiring and you intend to go back to India) from the US if you have one.

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