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veterinary study in canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by tegveer, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. hii
    i m about to move to canada in sept as a permanent resident .i wanted to know about veterinary study in canada. what i understood from internet was you have to do a dvm course to get admission in mvsc .
    can anyone please explain more clearly
    and most important can anyone give some info about the fee for the courses
    i had passed grade 12 currently in india
  2. Hi,

    You may get enrolled in a Pre-Veterinary course offered by some universities and colleges and then you can apply for an admission in a Vet school. Tough competition for admission. OR also you can do BSc in Biology with some essential maths and then apply for admission. Then you get a DVM degree and after that u apply for a licence to practice which is easy for a DVM from Canada.


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