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USA LPN license to Canmore, Alberta, Canada.....

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ezk1821, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. My husband and I are transplants from San Antonio, Texas and have been living in beautiful Sandpoint, ID for a little over a year now. I have been working as a CNA for about 6 years now and my husband is a freelance photographer. I will be attending the North Idaho College soon to obtain my LPN. Eventually we want to move to Canmore, Alberta, however I am greatly confused about what sort of work I could do with a US LPN license.

    I have read so many different things and it all just confuses me even more. I realize that I will have to take a CRNE exam, however do I have to do this before moving to Canada? Or can I work as a Nurse or Nurse Aide while I wait for this exam? I also read one person say that a US LPN could have a permit to work as a nurse temporarily in the country while preparing and taking the exam. Another person said that there are places that will even pay the LPN's moving expenses to come to Canada. I am so confused on all of this.

    Nursing is my passion, I have learned so much already as a CNA working with the LPNs and RNs where I work now. I have an opportunity right now to obtain my LPN and help provide our 9 month old (the first to be born in Idaho since we moved) daughter with a better future. We have absolutely fallen in love with Canada.

    We are working towards getting our passports so that we can come stay at a resort in Canmore and even go visit Banff. All we have seen are pictures but they fuel a strong desire to move to Canada! The same pull we felt to come to the Pacific Northwest from the Central South, is the pull that calls us to Canada. We want to become Canadian Citizens.

    Can anyone help me with all of this? We have never left the country before so this is all so much to take in and process.
  2. First question... Is your nursing degree two or four years? Associates are no longer considered valid education in Canada. You must have a four year degree to work as a LPN.

    You and your husband need to determine how you will be eligible to immigrate to Canada. You can't just move here although you can visit (no working) for six months at a time.

    If you have a bachelors of nursing, you can look into finding a nursing job. There are some areas, usually remote, that would consider an American nurse.

    Here is the eligibility tool (I hope this link works as my copy/pasting while using my phone is wonky!)


    There are plenty of Americans on this board and several of us live in Alberta, so you should be able to get advice and help. If you aren't prepared for everything to cost more, up to 30%, prices will be a shock. However, first you need to determine if you're eligible to come to Canada beyond visitor. Americans are treated like any other immigrant. We can't just move here and get a job. You're moving to a different country, not state. I think we take that for granted sometimes... Americans and Canadians.

    If you're confused about the nursing requirements, call a university and ask for an international advisor. If you call Mt. Royal in Calgary, ask for Wendy Mayer. She knows a lot about the nursing - she's the one that told me about it. (My ex-husband is/was a nurse. Only reason I know!) ibelieve she works in the registrars office. Definitely call as Mt. Royal staff are really (extremely) crappy about replying to emails. (Okay they suck and aren't getting another dime from me!)

  3. I am not a nurse as of yet. I am going to attend the 11 month course to obtain my LPN here in the States. I thought it might be difficult to move, although i was not aware that one had to be eligible to move to Canada.... is it a hard process?

    What sort of employment in the medical field could an American LPN nurse do? do yall use CNAs? (Certified Nursing Assistants) here in the states it is just a short class usually a few weeks long to get certified to preform basic Activities of Daily Living for residents/ patients. I really would love to live in Canada, I just do not know how hard it will be to move.

    Eventually, Lord willing, I would like to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, however at the moment my only option is the LPN Technical Certificate. Down the road I would have to take an accelerated course to complete the Assoc. of Science in Nursing for my Basic RN and then we can complete the BSN online.

    The deal is I have to be able to work full time....
  4. They do have CNAs but they call them something different. Be ause you asked there's no way I will remember the title now...

    I modified my last post to include a contact at a university here in Calgary. I'd give her a call and see if you're eligible to work as a medical assistant. However, just a fair warning, you won't make much and cost of living will go up.

    There's a third option. You could come to Canada to study and get your four year degree. Your husband may come with you and be granted a work permit. You would also be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. This option would give you legal access to Canada, ability to work, and allow you to earn points towards the experience class for permanent residence. It would also remove your need to "upgrade" to a Canadian nursing certificate.

    Canada isn't as strict as the USA to immigrate. You just need to find a basis.
  5. I never realized that immigrating to another country could be so hard.... I suppose I shall just work one step at a time and get my LPN here. North Idaho is beautiful, and being able to visit Canada for a while would be nice too. How much to Medical Assistants make there? do you know?

    On a non-serious note, just because the thought came to me if LUCK came into play ( a very unlikely scenario) if one were to win the lotteries and have millions of dollars, what sort of eligibility would they have to have to move to Canada and just buy land a house and live there?
  6. You'd still be subject to visitor rules.

    In the event you had enough money to invest in a business, new doors could open for you. Or if you decide farming is fun.

    My husband and I have plans on how to spend our lottery winnings for tonight's Lotto Max. We just need to win it first... Hehe :)

    Average salary for a Nurses Aide in this area:


    Trust me, $16.57 an hour is not a lot here. Average wage in Calgary is $25/hour.
  7. :)

    well it seems that the best option for my family and I is to establish a home and land here in ID, maybe north of Bonners Ferry and visit Canada when ever we like. LOL....

    even if we ever did win the lottery, we would just buy land here and vacation in Canada for 6 months at a time! LOL Thank you for all your help!

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