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US citizen child residing in Canada still considered as dependent?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Geminiking, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. I'm being sponsored by my wife who lives in canada and I got the request to complete the IMM0008 form and submit certain docs.

    My daughter is a US citizen but lives in Canada with my wife, do I still need to add her as a non accompanying dependent on my application form?
  2. Is your daughter a Canadian citizen or PR? If yes then you don't need to include her. If no then she will need to be sponsored if she wants to live in Canada long term.
  3. She is neither as yet...my wife is considered a protected person and is a stone throw away from getting her PR status. She is sponsoring our daughter too so I assume she will get her PR when my wife does. My wife submitted my sponsorship when she sent off the paperwok for her and our daughter PR status.
  4. So your wife is applying for PR as a protected person? So presumably you are included on her application as her spouse? And your daughter also?
  5. correct but they sent her a pocket naming that me, her dependent need to fill out the imm0008 and
    schedule A background form and submit photos and certain documents to return to them then they will tell when to do my medical exam.
  6. So yes, you and your daughter are both dependants.
  7. thank u very much! :D

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