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Unmarried Certificate

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ylubme, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. This situation might be odd but I just received a letter from visa office in which one of the documents requested is unmarried certificate. In the past ten years I have been in China, US and currently in Canada. I am very confused how am I supposed to proved the fact that I have never been married....

    If any of you have had this experience, could you input some information where can I get this damn document.? Would a notary from a Canadian lawyer suffice? or I have to get certificates from all three countries?
  2. Really weird case.
    I haven't read about it.
    I don't know if there is such a thing as 'Unmarried Certificate'.
    After all in the form imm0008gen they ask whether we are married or not and in form IMM5406E section A we have to sign if we do not have a spouse or common law partner.

    Can we know the country of your origin or your visa office??
  3. Hi!

    Sorry to hear that. I googled for you and as such they don't issue anything like unmarried certificates in Canada although they do in UK. I think a notary will do for you in Canada. Make an oath on stamp paper that you were never married before. Only an affidavit from Canada should suffice you don't need from three countries.

    check this link somebody discussed marriage certificate from china not for canadian immigration but for other visa puposes


  4. It's not exactly an "unmarried certificate". It is called if I found it right "Certificate of NO IMPEDIMENT". I remember that cause both me and my husband had to submit in order to get a permission to get married. What it says more or less is that we are single.
    Something I found says:

    "Letter of no impediment. Many will be confused by this. It is nothing more than a legal statement or document stating you are free to marry. How can you get married when you are already married? This is the idea. In many countries it may just be a simple affidavit from your nearest notary public where you swear: I am not married, never was married, and therefore free to marry. If you are legally divorced, then just state you are and include the divorce paper you send me. Once again, original, not photocopied. If your country does not have a notary public, then this same paper or a certificate from the foreign ministry or city hall saying the same thing will do."

    I hope that this is relevant and helps you. Good luck! :)
  5. Hi Thalia!

    I saw that. I think this is needed when you want to get married. He is not getting married here. He only wants to provide a proof that he is unmarried. But let others comment.

  6. Yes, I know that but still it is a document that states you are single.
    In the same sense you could ask for a family status certificate from your city hall. It also states your marital status. Otherwise a notarized statement? I think all of them could do the job.
  7. Hi,

    I had to get such a certificate for my marriage (as I married someone not from my country). This document is called with different names in different countries; bachelor certificate, single status certificate, etc.

    See this link about getting the document for Canada.
    Canada: h t t p://w w w.valuemd.com/st-james-medical-school/189438-single-status-certificate-canada.html

  8. Thanks Nano. My nationality is China and Visa Office is Beijing.
  9. Thanks for your helpful comment pittabread. I'll just turn to a local Canadian notary office for a commissioner of oath. Really don't want to spend the efforts across three countries and risk their submission deadline.

    BTW. The link you quoted was about China gvmnt's document requests for Canadians citizens marrying Chinese nationals. They have much more detailed requirements as far as I know.
  10. Thanks Thalia, I think in Canada a affidavit will do.

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