+1(514) 937-9445 or Toll-free (Canada & US) +1 (888) 947-9445


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  1. HI

  2. Contact the call center to schedule an appointment for your application packet to be picked up (from your house) via a courier service. Do not take the application packet to the embassy in Manila personally. From within the Philippines, call either PLDT/Smart/Touchcard (909-101-8888), Bayantel (903-101-8888) or Globe/Innove/Touchmobile (900-101-8888).

    Once your application is picked up, it will be taken to the embassy for processing. Your processed application (and visa if approved) will be returned via the same courier service (you will have to pay the service once it is delivered).

    Should you be prefixing a "1" before the phone number? (Sorry di ko na alam kung papaano tumawag sa cell phone sa Pinas)

  3. mali yung number nya. dapat 909...
  4. Call Centre Numbers:
    PLDT / Smart / Touchcard 1 (909) 101-8888
    Bayantel 1 (903) 101-8888
    Globe / Innove / Touchmobile 1 (900) 101-8888

    Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 6pm. These
    numbers are only available to callers within the Philippines through touchtone phones with NDD access or
    through your telephone service provider’s operator-assisted connection. All landline calls are charged a toll call
    charge costing P32.00 (pesos) per minute excluding VAT and applicable NDD charges for calls made outside
    Metro Manila. Additional rates may apply for calls made through payphones, prepaid phone cards or mobile
    phones. Kindly check with your provider for details.
    To obtain information on Temporary Resident Visa requirements, you may call this free enquiry line: (632) 845-
    9200. Client service representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 12nn. Note that this line is for Visa information ONLY.
  5. urgent! making a call through my cellphone..

    helpppp..i'm trying to call for the call center but i don't know how to dial through my cellphone 'm using a smart provider ..anyone knows how?..pl let me know.a million thanks..
  6. Re: urgent! making a call through my cellphone..

    You should have enough load on your cellphone when you call them.

  7. i'm trying to call the embassy to ask about my PR card, pero lagi akong tinatransfer ng representative and recorded voice lng ung sumasagot s mga information pero di ko mkita dun yung sagot sa questions ko.. sino po ba pwede kong tawagan and anong number? ask ko po sana kasi 1 month lng akong nagstay ng canada to get my PR card pero umuwi din ako ng pilipinas after a month kasi nagaaral ako, six months n ko ngayon dito sa philippines and i planned to go back sa canada sa july p after my board exam, ok lng po kaya un? makakaapekto po ba yun sa status ko as a permanent resident?
  8. you should really contact the embassy. Kasi ang alam ko (yung pagkakaalam ko lang naman) yung friend naming resident na.. he only has 6 months to ba away from Canada. Medyo nakakalito pa din yung kwento mo kasi sabi mo one month ka lang nagstay dito sa Canada nakuha mo yung PR mo. You mean, nakuha mo PR mo then after a month umuwi ka ng Pinas? Sana before ka umuwi nagtanong ka na dito sa Canada kung may rules about how many months ka allowed to be away. Kung hindi man embassy dyan... tawagan mo yung CIC dito sa Canada. Bili ka nalang ng malaking load na call card or charge mo sa landline nyo.
  9. Where did you have your PR card sent?

  10. @riva21
    I pressumed that your a dependant of an immigrant. You got your PR from family sponsorship. Then to keep your PR status you have to be a resident of canada at least 2 years within 5 year period the PR is ssued. Or else you will loose your PR. 6 months out of canada is not bad. You just have to keep records of your ins and outs of country for the PR renewal or citizenship application if you qualified. To be qualified for citizenship. You have to stay 3 yrs out of 5 yrs.

    Hope it helps!
  11. I'm trying to call 19001018888 using my Globe phone, it's not working for me. It keeps giving me an error. Can anyone help me?
  12. Same here i am almost at my breaking point... Nakatawag ka na po ba?
  13. We urge Canadians to report any type of immigration or refugee fraud. Although it may not be too fashionable to talk about civic duty, it is important to realize that immigration fraud affects everyone in Canada. It is the responsibility of all Canadians to report people who are in Canada illegally, who are taking a job that legal Canadians might need, who are collecting social assistance or Employment Insurance illegally, who are violating other immigration laws, etc. Law Enforcement authorities and 34 million Canadians need your help. You may be the only one who knows about the fraud. :) :) :)
  14. me too naka contact ako pero puro answering machine lang kasi sabi walang available na agent to entertain my call that was 4pm july 21, 2012 naubos ang 300 pesos load ko via globe ...

    just wanna ask kung tatawag ako via landline within metro manila toll free ba siya or still chargeable with 32 pesos per minute .. hope u can adddress my concern ASAP thank you very much
  15. Try calling maaga para wala pa masyado tumatawag.. Nakatawag ako umaga, 900 pesos ang load ko nun pero after kase ng mga 7minutes may attendant na nag entertain sa call ko, after the transaction namin nag check ako ng balance ko 421 pesos nlng so 400+ lng din ang nagastos ko sa call... Lalaki ang bayad mu kung matagal ma-attend ang call mo due to flood ang caller... Kaya try calling umaga or mga 4pm, wala kase masya do nagtatransac nun...

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