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transcripts....pls help urgent

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by satwant08, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Hi...my wife is primary applicant in our case.....I have got her transcripts from the Kurukshetra university......but I am unable to get my transcripts of my graduation from punjab university and icfai university....I applied for that and paid the fee, but PU do not give it by hand so I gave them my consultant's address, but even after a long wait the consultants did not receive it...god knows where has it gone......Pls let me know is it necessary to get my transcripts as I am not the primary applicant....
  2. somebody pls suggest....
  3. if you have a transcript (DMC) , go to your college and buy any envolop , put all the DMC in it , sealed it
    stamped on seals and sign on it from college staff(Principle).

    like document attesting
  4. but CHC insists that the transcripts be sealed by university...I want to know is it necessary to have my transcripts...since I am not the primary applicant, my wife is the primary applicant and I have got her transcripts....pls suggest anyone..
  5. its must if the primary applicant is claiming points for your education. do as Mr. Punjabi suggested.
  6. It is very important that the Primary applicant have all degrees/marksheets/transcripts-Points at stake upto 25. However for the spouse, max. points available are only 5. So even if you are able to give all the marksheets for yourself, the VO will probably award you the 3 to 5 points what you score as per their chart.
    What is important is that are you depending on these 3-5 points to secure 67 overall for your wife?
    If yes, then try to get the trasncript somehow. If not, then don't worry about it so much.
    What is more important is that your wife secures the 20-25 points that you need.
  7. but even if points on my education are not considered, the total points comes out to be 68...is it necessary even then ????
  8. thanks Yukon....even if no marks are claimed of my education, the total comes out to be 68
  9. Then it's all Well !!
    So at most the VO will not give you points for the degree.... nothing else.
    However if you give your marksheets you may get the points... so do that at least.

    You must however give your course completion certificate to prove that you were there for those 3/4 years, so as to substantiate your background checks...
  10. thanks a lot Yukon....
  11. I am in the same situation...where I am the primary applicant and I will get my transcripts in the mail soon...but for my husband, we are having a hard time getting his transcripts from his college in India. We do not live in India and they are asking us to come in person and make the request. This cannot be done.
    Another thing that they told us that in order to request a 2nd original copy of transcripts, we either need to get an FIR report (if marksheets are stolen) or request another copy only if marks need to be changed. Ours is neither of this case.
    So, I don't know what to do in such a situation. Its important for me to get those points for spouse (5 points), in order for me to qualify.
    Any suggestions??
  12. If any of your family is in India, then request them to visit the registrar of your husband's university/college. Try some UTT (Under the Table), it might work!
    Since it is important for you to get those 5 points, you will have to work hard for it. BTW what happened to the first transcript?
  13. @ satwant08

    with the copies of certificates & marksheets you can give a cover letter explaining why you missed to give the transcripts.
  14. We have the 1st transcript with us. Can we just get these notarized and send it to CIO? Has anyone done this before and gotten their case approved?
  15. Hi Satwant, Could you please help me.. I want to get my transcripts from Kurukshetra University, what is the process for the same?? Is it a single day affair?

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