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TOP URGENT : Proof of relative is living in Canada

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by melkhatib, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hi guys please advice me I have a Canadian sister currently she is outside Canada but she will go after 2 months to start her studying in a university in Canada so can I apply now for FSW immigration or I have to wait but u know the problem is after 2 months maybe the cap will be reached and they will close application or I can apply now with letter of declaration explaining why I do not bring a documents prove that my sister is living in Canada and such documents will be submitted later once requested please advice me especially people faced the same matter really guys I need your HELP!! thanks a lot
  2. As per the rule changes, all the documents have to be in order to secure points
    If u do not have the documents, you cannot prove it. cic will reject ur application if points dont fulfill

    However, If she is a citizen, she can definitely provide u copy of passport & birth certificate which can be related to u.
    do note such copies hv to b notarized

    documents reqd as proof.

    - Copy of PR card or landing papers
    - Utility bill in his name
    - or tax returns from Canadian Revenue Department
    - Family tree proving his relation with you.
  3. ok thats fine I have copy of her passport and birth certificate but i dont have evidence that she is living there but later i will have after 2 months so what can i do now
  4. Dear. As per standards, u can claim point for relative if they are permanently residing in Canada. That u need to prove by way of latest tax return, latest utility bills, permanent residential address. Without proving their status of residency, points can not be claimed even they are citizen


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