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Temporary Resident Visa_Processing Time for work permit holders

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by lcortez, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Hi, I am currently working in Alberta (I have my work permit) and I applied for Temporary Resident Visa (inside Canada) on October 15th, since I want to travel to Argentina on December 12th (I already bought the tickets). I applied by mail (so I already sent my passport). According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada web page the processing time for work permit holders is 21 days. That means that I should have gotten my passport last week. My problem is that I have a friend that has applied (online) almost two month ago and he doesn't have any news yet. He had tickets to fly to Colombia but he lost them because of this issue. Do any of you know if there is any problem in the emission of TRV. Like I said I already bought the tickets for me and my family and it would be terrible to lose that money.
  2. Call call center as your timeline already pass.
  3. Thanks! I will try tomorrow.
  4. its with every1 i have paper application reached on 3rd oct still no news
  5. I submitted my TRV Online application last Nov. 4 and just today Nov. 18, I got an email from CIC that they want my passport to stamp my visa. Contact CIC if you still didn't hear from your application.
  6. Where did you apply for work permit means in which country you apply from
  7. Hello, sorry for the late reply. I applied through online here in Toronto.
  8. I having same issue. My application got received on October 18/2013. And I havent heard anything yet.
    what is the call center number ???
  9. It is 1-888-242‑2100

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