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Super Visa from NEW DELHI

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by abcone, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Hello Folks,

    "Please post all on this subject done base on New Delhi"

    "Let's share all information"

  2. Hello Folks,

    I am in process of applying super visa for my parents to visit Canada, just started my paper work.

    Pls. post on above subject, any of you folks are in process or applied super visa for parents.

    Tell me about which insurance is good, the other day i contact Punjab Insurance, Manulife, TIC ( Maximum Benefits:$100,000...seem all quotation...around $1500-$1800/year depending upon deduct).

  3. Hi All,

    My parents are in Delhi....applied for super visa on 12 Jan. 2012 ; got medical done and resubmitted passports through VFS on 7th Feb 2012 and their VFS tracking status shows .....under processing.

    Is it normal that it takes more than two months after re submission of passports to get a reply from CHC, Delhi??
    Please reply if anyone has any information about the time line for Delhi CHC.

  4. Hello Folks,


    Following is my SOLEMNLY DECLARE:

    • We have included our letter of invitation to our father: XXXX XXXX and mother XXXX XXXX, born mm/dd/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy; who is a Citizen of the XXXXX, residing at XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Tel: XXXXXXX, mobile XXXXXXXX. Relationship to us, the purpose of their trip and intention to stay temporarily in Canada, details regarding their accommodation and food, medical insurance and other expenses, as well as their intention to leave Canada;
    • We have included a copies of our proof of immigration status, in the form of our Notarization Permanent Resident Canada Cards;
    • We have included copies of our financial documents, which include the Notarization Canada Revenue Agency - Notice of Assessment Tax Year 2011 and proof of all investments held in financial institutions as well as proof of address and funds;
    • We have included original copies of our proof of employment with XXXXXXXXX, annual salary and our latest pay stubs;
    • We have included a Notarization of our Marriage Certificate and other supporting documents;

    ***What you folks think, pls. post if any things missing.
    ***Do You Folks think, my parents should also make AFFIDAVIT?***My parents tentative plan to mail all package mid May, 2012.

    ***Have any one of you folks took oath? through link office;


    ***Let me know what you folks think, taking Commissioner for Oaths from www.commissionaires.ca
  5. happy to see this post....

    my mother (69) is also in Delhi... I explored Manulife with 0 deducible & pre-condition covered (although she is stable & does not have pre-condition but I thought to go with policy which covers everything) - Premium 2700
    then googled 'canada travel insurance', another policy with above mentioned thing (0 deducible + cover pre-condition) - Premium 2339...
    any suggestions...

    all documents & forms already with my mother, except medical policy... planning to submit application on coming Wednesday / Thursday... once I buy medical policy....

  6. Hello,
    My parents also applied to NewDelhi CHC, their medical was done on 27th March.This is the 4th week after medical and we haven't heard from them yet. Does anyone have an idea about their timeline?Thanks
  7. Guys.... can you please suggest link for super-visa & other services fees for those who are applying in Delhi (INDIA) CIC ... I just realize that I need DD for those fees....
  8. found it...


    Can someone please confirm if following is correct in my case?

    I wish to apply for super-visa with multiple entry for my mother, my brother will submit the application in-person at Canada high Commission in New Delhi, India.
    So following should applies, am I correct ?

    b) The following fees are applicable to applicants applying in person at the Canadian High Commission:
    - the relevant Citizenship and Immigration Canada processing fee which is listed in the chart below. This is payable in Canadian dollars or Indian Rupees by Demand Draft or Certified Cheque in favour of ‘Canadian High Commission' OR ‘Receiver General for Canada' payable at New Delhi.
    - a fee of 57 rupees per person for bank services related to the handling of visa fees.This fee may be paid in cash in person at the High Commission.

    Immigration Cost Recovery Fees Effective March 26, 2012
    Multiple entry 7,350

    Please reply....
  9. http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/index.html

    This is the VFS site. They also have specific information and fees regarding Super visa .Application can also be submitted to VFS locations.Hope this helps.
  10. My parents were requested today to send passports to CHC.Waiting for positive result.
  11. Canada_dream100,
    Thanks for you information...
    I just spoke with Manulife - Customer Services and got quotation for my dad,who just turn 60 year-under 'Plan A' with $500.00 deduct $1635.02/yr.,for my mom is 57 year-under 'Plan A' with $500.00 deduct $1389.92.

    ***If we were to take medical insurance right now, Manulife will charge right a way on our credit card, even visitor are not hear in Canada....So question******to Canada_dream100...If you are submitting next week application...buying medical policy soon....pls. post...what confirmation Manulife provide....how you plan to sent insurance policy to your parents....before submitting application.

    Good luck bettafish,
    Hoping your parents receive passport with super visa soon....
  12. For any insurer you choose, you have to pay in advance. Moreover, VO will want to see if you have already paid. To serve the purpose, you should include:
    - Policy confirmation that comes with a policy number
    - Money receipt
    - Policy wording in general

    Usually, the effective day of the policy would be the day your parent enter Canada. You have to notify the insurer within 48 hours. The insurer will probably email/fax you the papers once you buy it. You can just forward the email to your parents. There isn't exactly any original docs in regards to medical insurance as this can be bought online. Make sure all info (i.e. Name, DOB, Age, Contact Info etc.) are written correctly on the policy.
  13. Just thought I might be able to contribute a few more data points to assist... For the 60 year old example, I can offer premiums as low as $1,408.90 with a $1,000 deductible, $1,894.35 with a $0 deductible, and of course others with other deductibles. These plans INCLUDE stable pre-existing conditions. The coverage must be obtained PRIOR to applying for your Visa, and proof must accompany your request. Coverage is available online, immediately from websites such as mine,www. travelinsure.ca

    Should your Visa be denied you can get a 100% return of your premium without any admin fees. If your visitor does not stay for an entire year, you can get a refund of your unused premium, on a proportionate basis. If you want a policy that remains in place if you return to your home country, ther eare options available for that also, but I would encourage you to contact me so I can explain the pros and cons of those types of policies to see if they are appropriate for your needs.

    If you would like more information, free quotes, or to obtain coverage I would invite you to visit http://travelinsure.ca for your needs. We offer coverage from all major Canadian insurers, and you can view our website in any of 52 different languages, including Hindi (http://travelinsure.in), and Punjabi (http://travelinsure.co.in).

    Tracy DesLaurier, Super Visa Specialist
    DesLaurier Financial Services -TravelInsure.ca
  14. Sorry, forgot about the 69 year old -we can offer an upgraded policy for $2,339.65 with a $0 deductible, and for as low as $1,752 with a $1,000 deductible. For ages 40-59 we can offer $150,000 of coverage with $0 deductible for $1,208.15, an unbeatable value. :)

    Tracy DesLaurier
  15. Thanks...Rossei

    I received my CRA assessment 2011. I am waiting for "CRA notice of assessment 2011" of my spouse.

    Do anyone know if we can submit notarized spouse T4 slip 2011 of employer for super visa?

    Please let's post folks...processing time frame: Parents receive super visa from "New Delhi Visa Office", it helps everyone.

    Log in ID Date of Application Medical Super Visa Stamp Passport Receive Addition doc. req. by Visa.O
    xxx mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy xxxxxx,xxxxx and xxxxx

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