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Study Permit Form - IMM1294

Discussion in 'International Students' started by asad100101, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Im single, male. I am from Karachi, Pakistan. My older brother had applied for Canadian work visa at local CHC, Islamabad in 2006 and was rejected. I am applying for study visa. any sort of canadian visa first time.

    With that info, how will you answer Q 12(e) on the form? Yes/No

    Also, Q 6(a)
  2. bro it says u or any of ur family member(s) for section (c-g) so in my opinion you should check yes and then provide details regarding your brother's visa rejection in the box given below.
  3. the problem is the definition of a family can be different to different people. i heard that in western society they dont include siblings as a part of their family. This is what i am told it includes spouse,children,myself,parents and no siblings. that's why i asked this question here.

    if it is written have you or any immediate family....then i am sure that i'll include siblings as well.

    even in our society if a guy or girl gets married they are considered to have their own family they are no longer a part of the actual family which includes siblings......

    i need to confirm this for sure from a reliable sources before sending my forms to local chc....
  4. As far as I know Western countries do consider siblings immediate family even when you are already married...
  5. logically speaking siblings should be considered ur family members till u get married. Its only after marriage u may consider urself a different family. Thats my opinion but do consult an expert on this.
  6. They did not use the word immediate or extended family on visa forms. They simply used the word "family". Let me know what family members they are talking about. Are they talking about any family members ranging from spouse,kids, parents,cousins, siblings, uncles,aunts,grandparents ??

    I'll mention details about my elder brother when I get a second opinion from a lawyer/consultant.
  7. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5269E4.asp

    take a look at the explanation of Q12....each question(subparts) must be answered for each applicant...they are talking about main applicant and accompanying applicants.... i have never applied for canadian visas before...since no family members will accompany me so i wont have to provide details about them...
  8. OMG! now that was a tricky thing :p Do confirm with someone who knows if u can. The explanation makes sense though

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