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Study in Saskatchewan

Discussion in 'International Students' started by mmomen, May 2, 2013.

  1. I have completed my master’s degree from national university, Bangladesh with first class in 2003(held on 2005). Now I want to study at Canada for finally getting immigration there. Now I have some queries:

    1. Which level of study is better for me in Canada? Can I apply directly for PhD or Master’s or Bachelor degree?
    2. Now I am working as a ‘Software engineer’ after completing a Diploma on IT Professional. Can I apply in IT related subject?
    3. I want to go to Saskatchewan. Is Saskatchewan better to build up my career quickly or Saskatchewan is not such a developed province?
    4. For international student, is it must to show a sponsor? I have $10,000 in my own as I am a service holder. Is it enough to show fund to Canada?

  2. 1.Phd as you have completed your masters
    2.Phd should be related to your masters degree and you can apply in IT related field
    3.Saskatchewan is not such a developed province but not too undeveloped but oyou can PR quicker by their PHd stream
    4.If you get full funding out of the university then all ok but if not then 10000 is not enough.

  3. thanks for reply.
  4. Anybody here who are the citizen of Saskatchewan??? I want to know which types of employments are in top position there. And in what type of employer has shortage here?
  5. Mommen vai,

    You passed from National University and now doing job, that's good. As far as I know IT related job is in high demand in Canada and Australia mostly.

    1. You have to go for Masters program or Post- Graduation Diploma(PGD) not in Bachelor.
    2. You have to choose relevant subject, not out of your track.
    3. If your result is good then you may get funding from University (but not from college PGD). It will help you financially.
    4. It is must to show a sponsor. Who is the sponsor? If you are sponsoring yourself then you have to show-
    • Appointment Letter of yours
    • Salary confirmation letter
    • Pay slips for last 6 months
    • 6 months Bank account statement (where you deposit your salary)
    • Other bank account / FDR statements (if available)
    • Solvency certificate
    • TIN certificate
    • TAX assessment IT 11 GHA
    • Tax return
    • Passport , National ID card
    • Birth Certificate

    Same thing for another sponsor, but it is preferable to show yourself or 1st blood sponsor.

    usually from Bangladesh you have to show the 1st year tuition fee+ 1st year living cost (non- funded), but the reality is you have to show a lot of money. If you are a non-funded student then $10000 CAD is not a good fund.

    Visa Officer will convince if you show your/father/mother property (huge), they think you have a strong ties with your country.

    If you want to know anything more, write here or mail me at ashif.bengalsols@gmail.com

    *** PGD cost is low, masters high than PGD, but it depends on province. You will get 3 years work permit after completing 2 Academic year/4 semester (4 month each). There are some province where after completing masters if you get any standard job offer you can apply for PR.

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