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Sponsorship Rejected

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by glak1234, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I've not yet come across anyone on the forum that was refused sponsorship, meant in a good way obviously, just curious if it has happened to anyone?
  2. Here is one:

  3. i don't have the link but there was another pretty recent case when they applied as common-law and the sponsorship was rejected on the basis that they r not common-law and they should apply under conjugal class...in that case the VO misunderstood who lived with whom, where and for how long, they made that clearer and i guess they already applied again...but we didn't not get any updates
  4. In that first case they were refused a PR visa; the sponsor's application wasn't rejected. There have been a few people who reported that the sponsor's application was rejected - i.e., rejected from Mississauga - usually it was because of some mistake they made. One person had tried to sponsor her niece, which obviously can't be done (federally), and was rejected.
  5. I don't understand why his application was rejected??
  6. When the sponsor originally landed as a PR in Canada, he declared himself as single although he was already married. Since he did not declare his wife and add her to his application before landing and becoming PR, she is no longer regarded as a member of his family and can never be sponsored.
  7. scylla was right. Also, Even if live with your partner for a year before you get your Permanent residency (PR) is considered a Common law partner. You are obliged to declare him in your PR application by letting Immigration know the change of your status. otherwise, you cannot sponsor your partner anymore unless those one year of living together is just a boyfriend/girlfriend set up (no joint accounts or signed lease together)
  8. But I have a question, I just filled my latest tax income return last month and I didn't declared my change of status as married. Since my husband isn't in canada yet and not working here. does that cause a problem??
  9. I'm not sure if this means missrep of fact, the question doesn't ask IF you live together, so on mine I actually selected Married.

    Lets see what others have to input on this...


  10. nagz2207: I did my tax return myself. My spouse & I got married here in Canada. So what I did on mine was I declared I am married then there are questions such as 1. name of spouse 2. is your spouse a canadian resident in 2010? I put my spouse name on question 1. & in 2. I put "NO". in my opinion i don't think it matters because CIC & CRA are two different agencies. As long as when your file your PR or any application to CIC, you have to declare it.
  11. I think you are right ! Thanks for the info
  12. I declared myself as married on my income tax return, and then they wanted to know my husband's income for the year, his SIN and all that - but he has never been to Canada, is not allowed into Canada (his PR application and appeal were rejected), and does not have a SIN. The result, though, was that I did not get my GST refund.
    I've seen cases where 'married' or 'not married' on the tax forms was an issue when determining if the relationship was genuine. If you declare 'married', you can use that as proof of a genuine relationship. Usually, though, it is such a minor thing that I don't think CIC would ordinarily check.
  13. They should have sent you a letter telling you to submit your marriage certificate and you may be able to get the GST credit back.
  14. I believe you have to declare. CIC might ask you for and update of your documents. We submitted in 2009 and on november 2010 they asked us for and update, including option "C". That form shows your status on the top of the page, and if it doesn't show married you might be in a bit trouble for missrepresentation.

    I'm not sure about it. All I'm saying is better to do it just in case. It happend to us. Good thing we did change his status to "married".

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