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Sponsoring my wife, who lives in the Philippines.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by louieong, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Good afternoon to everybody. I recently got married here in the Philippines, I am sponsoring my wife to be a Canadian immigrant. Will it be faster and easier to file it here in the Philippines or back in Canada. I am currently unemployed, due to the reason that I got married here and was away from Canada of more than 6 months, so my company have to let me go. ( I understand and hold no ill feelings towards my company that they let me go )

    1) Will that be a reason for the Canadian immigration not to approve my application? even I have sufficient funds.

    2) Do I need to have a job before I can sponsor my wife?

    3) If someone has any suggestion, please reply to this topic, will really appreciate it.

    I just want us to be together.

    Sincerely to all of you
  2. Hi louieong, my name is Nicole and i am being sponsored by my husband who is currently living in Canada and few weeks away from receiving my permanent residence visa (hopefully!:D).
    Regarding you concern i will try my best to answer all of your questions based from me and my husband’s experience.
    - First thing you need to know is that you all applications must be made in CANADA (mississauga Ontario CIC OFFICE.)


    1) Will that be a reason for the Canadian immigration not to approve my application? even I have sufficient funds.

     YES! Having a stable job is a must and a big factor for sponsoring you wife. the embassy of Canada will be approving your sponsorship application basing on the point system.
    Since you will be sponsoring your wife there they is no certain income that is required, but you have to prove that you can sustain your wife’s financial needs while she stays in Canada. And that she will not be a burden to the government once she immigrates to Canada.
    By having a stable job you will surely prove that. but If you are unemployed, even though you have sufficient funds there could be 80 to 90% chance that your sponsorship approval could be denied.

    2) Do I need to have a job before I can sponsor my wife?

    - YES! DEFINITELY! YOU MUST STAY AND HAVE A JOB IN CANADA WHILE THE application is in process and your wife must stay in the Philippines. This is the only way that you can sponsor your wife and a great chance for your application to be approved. Like what my husband did, he came back in the Philippines for our wedding after a month he went back to Canada and applied for my sponsorship right away.

    I do understand how painful it can be to be apart from your wife, for that is also what i am experiencing right now with my husband. But if you really want to be with your wife for good you must do this as soon as possible. Get a job, answer the application forms correctly and truthfully, provide all necessary documents and requirement as fast as you can or at least within the time frame that will be given to you. But not later than that, prove the authenticity of you relationship and marriage, a little patience a PRAYERS . DEFINITELY YOU WILL BE TOGETHER!:D GOODLUCK LOUIE AND GOD BLESS! :D HOPE WE WILL ALL BE IN CANADA SOON!:D TAKE CARE.
  3. The information provided by frednixflores is, I am afraid, completely incorrect.

    There is no point system for spousal sponsorships. The points system is for skilled workers. There is also no requirement to have a job. The only financial requirement is that you are not on social assistance and have no financial problems in the past such as an undischarged bankruptcy or problems repaying an immigration loan. You can find the full details on the CIC website.
  4. Hi Louie , are you the one who are in Iloilo Central commercial High school?
  5. An update is long overdue to this thread,

    Please do not apply for a visa anymore if you are going to sponsor your wife, coz 100% the Canadian embassy will deny it.

    What we did was gather all the documents we need to file for sponsorship. We choose the outside Canada sponsorship, coz we got denied for tourist visa.

    I came back to Toronto last Nov. 2009 and filed the sponsorship in Mississauga Ontario within a week.

    Got a reply from CIC with in a month, and met all the requirements for sponsoring my wife.

    Then the Canadian embassy in the Philippines asked my wife to submit her Passport and (Cenomar). with in a month after I received the mail from CIC.

    So right now, we are just waiting for her Permanent Resident status. Hopefully it will come out soon. ( am not sure if it's PR card or Visa ) please correct this if I am wrong. All I know is that they are processing the PR status back in Manila.

    If you have any particular question, please feel free to post it on this thread.

    As a Canadian, I do not need to have a job to sponsor my wife. But am glad that I am working right now, ;D

    Hope this help, to those people who need some information.
  6. Hi louie,

    Richard here :) remember me ? Nara Dorm , iloilo central commercial High school. we meat last year at The Fort. its a good thing your wife papers is almost done. our passport has been submitted to the embassy- manila last month and we plan to land at winnepeg this Sept if the VISA is release on time. agter 5 long years :) btw. did they ask your wife voter ID when you apply for her ? coz one of my friend apply for here mother and the immigration ask for the voter ID of her mother. problem is her mother did not register and don't have it. any info regading this

  7. Hi Richard, I remember, good to hear from you.

    NOV 16 sent application to CPC- Mississauga with all the required documents, (Medical, Police clearance, Cenomar)
    DEC 2009 --- approved to sponsor
    DEC 24 2009 started processing in manila
    Jan 8, 2010 received passport request letter
    Jan 19, 2010 sent passport
    Mar 11, 2010 received letter asking for certain original copy of document
    Mar 29, 2010 sent original copy
    May 3, 2010 Decision made; medicals received
    processing time 4 months and 1 week up to DM

    Finally! Visa arrived May 7, 2010 ;D

    We got my wife's visa already last week. and we are in the process of finalizing everything. I do not recall the embassy asking for Voters ID. Basically I submitted all what was required. We did not encounter any problem with the processing of sponsorship. The only thing that was kinda weird was, they asked for my wife's passport last Jan 2010 and only got her passport back May 2010. She was not able to travel between those months. But we are happy that she'll be here by end of June. If you need more info. let me know.

    Good luck :)
  8. Thank you very much for all the people that reply to this post. This forum has been a great help for people like me. Please keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Louie,

    So, where is the better place to apply for my wife (she is in philippines) , in manila or canada? I got married in phil in 2007 and i was thinking to invite her as visitor but everyone told me bad idea.ty
  10. Hi Dan,

    You can read this thread http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/sponsoring-cart-before-the-horse-t42555.0.html

    Hope it helps! I think you sponsor your wife outland is a better option.
  11. Hello Dantheman, as long as you have all the documents and you follow the requirements. Then my suggestion will be outside Canada, because that is what we did. And it worked for us.

    Just make sure you read the instructions carefully and ask a lot of questions and suggestions in this forum. Applying outside Canada has it's pros and cons, so is applying inside Canada. I can only say what worked for me and my wife. Just to let you know, that I stayed 6 months in the Philippines with my wife after we got married. We prepared all the documents we need and then I came back to Canada with all what we need for filling.

    Please check my time-line to give you an idea, how long it took.

    Good luck :)

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