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Sponsor Questionnaire - IMM5540E

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by msingh2013, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hello

    I am sponsoring my wife from India to come to Canada under the Family Class Sponsorship program. While filling out the Sponsor Questionnaire - IMM5540E, I came across a few things that I have a question about and your help would be appreciated.

    Question 7 - Give details about your current and previous employers within the past five (5) years:

    I only worked for one company for the past five years. So I entered in the From (start) date. Should I leave the To date blank since I am still working there?

    Question 8 - Have you resided in countries other than Canada?

    Whenever I visit India, I stay in my family home there. So I would go and stay there for a month or 6 weeks. Would I enter this here or just leave Canada in here since I haven't lived anywhere else except Canada?

    Question 11 - Are you currently living in Canada? Since when?

    I entered my birth day here because I was born in Canada. I assume that is correct?

    Question 12 - Are you living with someone?

    I entered my parents' names. Do I need to prove that they are my parents? :)

    Question 13 and 14 - Do I need to do a write up for this or just fill in the form as is?

    Thank you!!
  2. Question 7 - Give details about your current and previous employers within the past five (5) years:: since you are still working with them, yes leave it blank.

    Question 8 - Have you resided in countries other than Canada?: This is for any other country where you spent at least 6 months. so for you since it is only 1.5months max i would leave it blank or put none.

    Question 11 - Are you currently living in Canada? Since when? : yup, date of birth is fine.

    Question 12 - Are you living with someone?: just your parents are fine. no need of proof, lol. i had also listed my younger siblings since that applied in my case.

    Question 13 and 14: no big write up, fill in the form as is and use the space provided. it was sufficient for me.
  3. Thank you for your help. Do you have to put N/A in all of the blank spots that don't apply to you? Question 11, for example, asks "Are you currently living in Canada?" and I checked off Yes and entered in my birth date and address. Below there is no with fillable areas. Should I enter in N/A for them?

    Thanks again!!
  4. I have another question.

    Question 14 asks - Has your spouse/partner met any of your close friends of family?

    Are they refer to before marriage or after marriage? I can give a big list of people for before and after marriage but there is no enough space.

  5. nope. you already answered yes and provided the details in that section, so you can ignore the no section.
  6. no need to provide a huge list ... i just filled in the space provided with my closest friends and non-immediate family members.
  7. But did you give them dates when they met her after marriage or before marriage?
  8. yes, for some it was before marriage, others was at the wedding ceremony
  9. Hi sir
    My I am going to sponser my wife Imm 5540 q no 8 have you resided country other then canada
    Now orign I am from india but 6years ago I am Indian passport can u help me what should I put I have been india time time stay 3 some time 1 month plz help me
  10. Hi sir plz help me.imm 5540 q no 8. Have you resided in country o ther then canada I am Canadian citizen more then 7 years and I travel a lot like 5 month india and 3 month Hongkong then go back to india stay 3 month so can u guide me plz thanks
  11. I have a same problems sir Imm 5540 q no 7 starting with your current give detail all employer have u worked over the past 5 years b between 2009 to 2012 I did not work what should I type plz help me
  12. Since you resided in India before, put India for question 8. For short trips you do not have to list a country, since you would have been visiting and your residence would have remained Canada. If you were out of Canada for more than 6 months at a time, I would attach a separate sheet to explain that you were in India for 3 months, then Hong Kong for 2 months, then India for 3 months, etc., and explain what you were doing there and where you stayed (if it was just one or two places for the duration of your stay.)
    For any time you did not work, you have to explain what you were doing. So put 'unemployed' or 'travelling' or whatever it was. CIC will not accept any gaps.

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