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Sponsor my Boyfriend

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mrk, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Hello..

    I am a canadian citizen living in toronto and 19 years old...I want to marry my boyfriend. He is living in India and working there. I currently dont work as I am studying.

    I will be visiting India next month to get married with him. What is the procedure?

    Thank you
  2. Once you are married, you can sponsor him using the process described on the CIC website. Follow the link "sponsor your family" and the Canadian Residents section. You would apply under "Family Class: Spouses, partners and dependent children". The instructions are provided on the website.
  3. But on the website it shows that the spouse who is living in Canada as a Permanent Resident or Citizen, has to show a certain amount of money, but I dont work....my boyfriend works!!

    hows the procedure for that.

  4. Spousal sponsorships are exempt of the minimum income clause.
  5. Read the guidebooks. As pointed out, spouses do not need to have a minimum income. I was a student when I sponsored my husband and it was no problem.
  6. Hi there, Is this true, when sponsoring a spouse, no need to have 10,000 bucks? If im a PR, after how long can I sponsr my Husband? Right after my PR released? or atleast a year? Hope you can help me on this.Thanks
  7. No you do not need have 10,000 bucks!!! You do not need any income. You can sponsor your husband immediately.

    But the question is, were you married when you landed n Canada? And if so, did you declare that you got married? OR did you get married after you got your PR? If you were married at the time of landing and DID NOT inform CIC then you are ineligible from sponsoring your husband now or at any time in the future. So I hope for your sake that you married after landing.
  8. Hi Ariell, thanks for your advise. We will get married after my landing. Wow that was great. Can I leave Canada anytime after my landing? or do i need to stay for a year to have vacation in other place?
  9. Yes, you can leave any time after landing. BUT you need to keep in mind 2 things:

    1. Since you are a PR, you must be living in Canada to be eligible to sponsor your spouse. Only Canadian citizens can sponsor their spouse while living outside of the country. As a PR, you must be residing in Canada while your application is in process. And yes, they will check. So you can leave the country to marry but then need to come back again to file your application and remain here for the duration of the processing.

    2. Canada is actually very lenient in letting PRs live outside of the country and still maintain their PR status. You need to spend at least 2 years out of every 5 years in Canada to maintain your PR status. So in theory you could land, leave for a year or more, get married and then come back and sponsor your spouse. Good luck.

  10. Hi Ariell, that was great, thank u for the pointers.1 more question, Once he became a PR, would that mean ,he can work as well?
  11. He will need a social insurance number (SIN) before he can work. But in theory he could apply for one the day that he lands in Canada and then would be eligible to work. He just needs to go to a Service Canada office. See info here: They give him a SIN number at the Service Canada office which he would use to allow him to work here. Then his actual SIN card will arrive in the mail in a few weeks. To apply for the SIN card, he will need his Confirmation of Permanent Residence form (COPR) -- they give him this with the visa. Or, he could wait until he receives his PR card in the mail (usually you get that 4 weeks after landing) to apply for his SIN card.

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