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SIN after WP expired.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Pouce, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. my WP will expire in a week and already applied for WP extension but havent got any. i talked to local service canada and she said you phone and ask CIC about your WP. but I believe CIC isnt dealing with SIN. what do i have to do with my SIN. can i renew it even though its expired. the lady at the service canada has no clue what to do. dont know somenody help please.
  2. Hi

    You can't renew your SIN until you get a new work permit.
  3. I know i cant renew without WP. my question is once SIN is expired, am i losing my number that i have been using for the last 5 years. hope i could continue to use that number. if my number changed, it will affect my income tax?
  4. I am not an expert, but you will have same SIN forever until you get PR aproved. then will change. i have a friend that when her SIN expired she waited for new WP after 5 months she renew her SIN an was exactly the same #.
  5. Hi Bbggliz. Thanks for the comment. I will wait patiently. Thats how life works eh!
  6. Once you get your new WP, go into service Canada and complete the paperwork. All that happens is you get a new card with the same number and a new expiry date. I've been doing this since 2001.
  7. Thanks for the comment, JGK. I will do that.
  8. If you are staying in the same job, whilst awaiting your work visa extension and you applied and it was received by CIC before the old one expired, then you on implied intent.

    This means you are able to work on the same conditions your expired visa gave you and use the same SIN number, even though it has expired.

    Once you get a new work visa.....the SIN situation becomes a moot point any way. New SIN or old SIN number doesn't really matter as they will both start with a 9....and what we all want is that elusive SIN that starts with any number BUT 9.... ;D ;D ;D

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