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Schedule A Background Declaration form

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by irfanyusuf, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Schedule A Background Declaration form Question # 8 and 9

    Can anybody help me

    1-What to write in the “To” date column while I am still working with a company, similar is the case with membership of professional organizations. I know the “From” date but “To” date is still ongoing. What to write here, or should this be left as blank ?

    2- Can we handwrite the text if the cell cannot be filled through compouter typing due to space constraint? for example organization names in Question 8 & 9.

    3-Generic question: While filing the application, what about putting the forms not applicable to me for example additional dependents forms, Separation declaration forms etc . Should I attach them as blank and write N/A or just skip the form and document checklist numbering and attach the net applicable form.

  2. 1. "To date" or "Till date"

    2.Yes, you can write it legibly after printing or use additional blank paper to give more details.

    3. Yes, you can skip the blank forms which are not applicable.

    On the covering letter you could mention that "Form No---- are not submitted because they are not applicable."
  3. There is a form IMM5612E (document checklist form) which u need to include as a cover letter.

    In it u need to tick the forms included by you.....if sum forms are not applicable in ur case and u don't need to submit it......don't tick beside that form, it is understood that form is not applicable for u
  4. Thanks Jaggy and Wilson for the valued response.

    For question -1 below, The cell Doesnt accept "To date" or "Till date". It only accepts the date format. Should I handwrite "To date" after printing teh form ?
  5. You can give the date of preparing the application. In your covering letter you can explain that you are still continuing. The CIC understand such situation.
  6. Thanks Wilson, However I understand that we donot need to attach any cover letter. The cover page is the barcodes of generic form then the Document Checklist as cover letter ? Is this sequence right?

    If righjt then, the cionfusion of "To" date still remains as is. I think we should handwrite "To date" after printing?
  7. Cover letter is optional and not mandatory. The purpose is to explain any additional matter which could not be added in the form.
  8. Dear yes u should have to hand write after print , as same i did
  9. Dear All Seniors,

    please help me to fill out IMM 0008 and IMM 5669 forms.

    1- IMM 0008 - Question 12- Spouse dependant type?
    2- I have been refused US non-immigrant/ Business visa so which question should i tick "YES" d or e ?

    please guide me.


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