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Schedule 1 form

Discussion in 'International Students' started by jay_leo21, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Is it mandatory to fill out schedule 1 form with your visa application? Yes I worked for a couple of years is it still compulsory? Please reply guys I am applying in a couple of days. Can someone tell me if we have to fill out USE OF A REPRESENTITIVE form? I am applying on my own.Please tell me what forms we need to fill. Please Help Thanks royalsting for your reply
  2. Please can someone help. I am filling up the forms...
  3. can anyone help me filling up the forms?
  4. Is there no one in this forum who can help me. I never felt so hopeless in this forum!
  5. Yes schedule 1 is important.

    Representative form is not required if you are applying on your own.


    Application form
    Family Information form
    VFS form
    Studnet questionnaire
    Schedule 1

    ps. applying under SPP right?
  6. Finally, Royalsting you are the MAN! Thanks very much. Can you also do me a favor of listing out the forms that we need to fill out for SPP. I am a bit confused.

    Cheers mate

  7. Forms:

    Application form
    Family Information form
    Student questionnaire
    Schedule 1
    VFS consent form
  8. That will do mate! +1 again for you.

    Thanks very much, will be back again when I receive my passport.


  9. Ahh 1 last help. Need a good SOP can you send one to my email please (jay_leo21@yahoo.co.uk)
  10. Check your inbox.
  11. Got it thanks once again. Singh is King!

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