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Sample of a supporting letter from a friend

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by greenish, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Would the following be an adquate letter from a friend helping to prove a genuine relationship? Is it long enough? Should it be more specific about activities we have done together? Any input is appreciated :)

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a friend of xxxxx(you). We first met when we started attending the same program at college in September 2009.
    At the time we met, xxxxx(you) had already been dating xxxxx(your partner). I met xxxxx(partner) a few weeks after meeting xxxxx(you) when she came to visit xxxxx(you) at our school.
    Since the time I met both of them for the first time, I helped them move twice, visited their home several times and we went out together from time to time.
    After knowing both, xxxxx(you) and xxxxx(partner), for a little more than 2 years now, I sincerely believe that they have a deep relationship in which one depends on the other.

    Friend Name, date
  2. It could be more specific (what college, more dates/specifics, etc) but it actually covers all the things I think need to be said except for one. If, when the friend helped you move you were actually living with your partner I think the letter should say so in obvious unequivocal terms.

    Something like ..."I know they began living together in (date), and I helped "your name" and "your partner's name" move to their new residence at (location) in (date) and then again to (location) in (date).

    Include at the bottom, friend's full name, date, and contact details (address, phone, email, etc).

    If you are not married, you will need two of these type statements to be notarized, and you can submit more un-notarized ones if you want. If married, these letters of support are optional and do not have to be notarized.

    Hope that helps. Allison
  3. Yes, I agree with AllisonVSC, it has all that needs to be concluded, but perhaps it should be a little more specific and/or legal sounding. The support letters included in our application were in the form of "Declaration Letters" although, I'm sure less "official" ones would be fine too. We were just a little more specific with the details, such as exactly where (type of location, city) and exactly when (the date, or at least month) that we met. The letters also explicitly said "I believe [Sidkrose] and [her partner] to be in a genuine common-law relationship as of [the date we entered the relationship]"

    Some of the letters also included people's observations of our relationship. (Ex. we are affection in public and private settings, other friends and family knew about our relationship, we did most things together etc).
  4. We sent two letters from our good friends with our application. Basically said that they've known me for over 10 years and that they met my wife, helped us move, went on trips with us, were present when I propsed, etc. Also helps to have the references in the pics you sent with the application.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone :)
  6. should you submit a piece of I.D or it's not a requirement ?
  7. We didn't send any i.d. nor any contact info from the support letters and we just got PPR a couple days ago :)
  8. No ID required as the office where you get the letters notarized will request an ID before they sign and stamp the letters. That was how ours was done.

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