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Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by beeto2000, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. I just received RQ. No reason was provided. The letter that I got indicates the date of my application is xx xx, 20xx. I clearly remember this date is not the date of my application. This date is not sufficient to meet the residence requirement. I was eligible to apply for citizenship on the day of my application.
    I called the CIC toll free number and they told me to write the letter to them immediately because this could be just error. So I wrote the letter to them like... kindly advise whether the date of my application in the letter is correct in order to complete the residence questionnaire.

    I also found missing stamps on my passport when I entered Canada. I do not know why the immigration officers did not stamp on my passport. Anyway, I attached a copy of the travel invoice and boarding pass when I sent the letter to them this time.

    Now I am waiting for them to response to my letter and preparing RQ. Is there anybody similar to my situation??
    It's going to be a long process... :(
  2. I am still waiting for my oath and I wrote the test and RQ in July 2011. I have heard that if you are required to fill out an RQ, it could take up to 18 -24 months. If you are lucky, you will get it 6-9 months after your test date, but that is unlikely. Good Luck.
  3. That's what I know exactly. This takes a lot longer than getting PR card. I'll keep post what's going on. Thanks for your reply.
  4. hi ..

    waiting 18 to 24 months after writing the test ... they are checking ur answers ? or checking your records in canada since u landed ... i mean police record and working records ... pls advice
  5. I find that those numbers are not normal at all! Most cases i've seen in edmonton office : 3 weeks to a month after the test .. They call you for the ceremony!
  6. what form you received for RQ mine is CIT 0171
  7. Mary - did you get the RQ form just because of that single car trip to the US???
  8. Hi Amir
    I am not sure why i got RQ, i called legal adviser to see what his take on this, its surprising for him also that
    i am working here, day trip to US only in 5 years, not went any where else, strong health card history...what
    they suspect me off?

    they asked only CBSA report not USA, should i still get that?
    the time window they want is 2007-2011....i have all lease, bill, cc, bank job details with
    me, strong health card history as well, my husband is US citizen & Canadian (PR since 2010 living
    here, now they asked if spouse is working? he is not working in Canada since he has investments in US ( running business) from where we get finances as well so will this be a problem? Due to nature of business we can't move it here easily we have clientele worldwide
    I do volunteer work at religious workshop some times so they will give me letter, what else will be helpful?
  9. Mary - first of all - do not take it personally :)
    They do not suspect you or tagging you as a liar. All the people that manipulated the system are making it hard for the rest of us. They just need to verify you did return to Canada and the burden of proof unfortunately falls on you...

    As far as I recall you had a single trip where they didn’t stamp your passport on the way in – that’s the only reason they can request the RQ. I can imagine how frustrating it is, especially since you feel a true bond to Canada.

    In addition to rental, business, cell phone, other bills, health records, dentist file, OHIP records, library card, donations and so on... I also added a letter, explaining why there are missing stamps in my passport (for me it was because of Nexus). Just be honest and detail your involvement in the community, volunteer work and other activities and I am sure it will be fine.

    Not sure if having a business in the US would make a negative impact – from an economical perspective, you are the best immigrant – you are bringing foreign money and spending it locally. :) It’s an ideal local boost!

    Good luck!
  10. I think the frustrating part in Mary Chad's case is that she had to wait 5 months before getting the RQ, time which will unfortunately be added to whatever time it takes to process the RQ. Maybe it was because the CIC officer who interviewed her was not senior enough/willing enough to take a decision himself, and the file went to the judge who requested an RQ based on the comments of the CIC offier?

    I am not sure how things work, but I am just guessing that after the interview and test the file is reviewed by the judge who makes a final decision of oath or RQ etc.


  11. 5 months??? wow, that is unusual - sorry to hear about that. Usually RQ is given on the spot or shortly after regardless of the test results.
    I wonder what took them so long to make a decision. Usually it does not go to a Judge in order to submit RQ. It is the sole discretion of the CIC officer whether to send RQ or not.
  12. Fk/Amir I agree the officer was young person and
    He was giving RQ's to every other applicant
    On spot, infact i was the only one he seems
    Ok with..I am still confused of phone call
    From judge office....
    I had gym membership for 2008/2009
    So sending ref letter from gym, one question since
    We travel a lot within Canada I have
    Bunch of paid on line hotel reservations for each
    Requested year lets say 2-3k spendings
    Per year should I summit that as well????
  13. i just advice to RQ people to send maximum documents as u can
  14. Hi - I agree with first part of your note. However, I have seen about 10 applicant who waited and/or have been waiting about 5 month in average
  15. I have a question everyone, in RQ they asked for records from 2007-2011 as i mentioned in my application, i was not in Canada in 2007 i return
    back feb 2008, i had my bank account open since 2004, so should i include 2007 statements as well but there are no transactions for 07
    but from feb 2008 till onward i have lots of transactions....
    kindly suggest...

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