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Relationship Support Letters Examples

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by GT25, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. They prefer "statutory declaration style" even without notarization.
    ; http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/
    "Testimonials by parents, family members, relatives or friends and other interested parties about the nature of the relationship and whether the couple present themselves to others as partners. Statements in the form of statutory declarations are preferred."
  2. Actually, it doesn't really matter if you wrote the letters and had friends and family sign them. All that matters is that the person who signed understands what has been written. As long as the relationships are real, there shouldn't be a problem. The letters we submitted from some of our friends were written by me, and they were all pretty much the same format. What difference does that make? This kind of proof is secondary and not that important (for spousal sponsorships).

    Also, if friends cannot write in English, then what other choice do you have but to write the letters yourself? These letters should be used in conjunction with more concrete evidence (lease agreements, health insurance plans, joint accounts, travels together, photos with family and friends, etc...). For spousal sponsorships, letters from friends and family are only meant to prove that the relationship is known to others.

  3. thanks for the reply guys... :D
  4. I should add that the letters submitted were to the point. In my view there is no need to go crazy on the details. All that needs to be stated is the relationship to you and your spouse and a statement that the relationship is genuine. All the letters we included had contact information, so if the visa officer wants to talk to these people, he/she can pick up the phone and call. Doubt the visa officer would bother doing that, especially given all the concrete evidence we submitted.

    Keep things like this simple and to the point. Don't go overboard and keep in mind that this is secondary evidence and not critically important. Focus on evidence that establishes that the relationship is real. Anyone could write letters...but joint accounts, health insurance plans, travels, etc...prove a lot more...

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  5. Hi,

    I just want to ask how many relationship support letter do we have to submit?

    and is relationship support letter requirement for common law only? or can be submitted too if you are a married applicant?

    thank you
  7. Are the authors of the letters getting them notarized before they give them to us? or do we get them notarized before we submit them to CIC?
  8. The authors of the letters need to have them notarized. When a notary is notarizing a document they are identifying the person and notarizing that their signature is of their own. You would not be able to get another person's signature notarized unless they were there and can be identified.
  9. Hi,

    I have a question. My fiancé and I applied for Morden immigration. He is the prinicipal applicant and he listed me as his dependent as well as our son. We are not yet married and on the application form, what we wrote is our address back when we don't have our son yet. Because that is what listed on all of our valid IDs. Our interview with MPNP officers is on October. What if they questioned the address that we indicated on the application form? The only proof that we have our son's birth certificate, our son's insurance information indicating that I am the mother and he is the father, our son's passport indicating that I am the mother and he is the father.

    We are living together at our house but the land title is named to my mother as well as the bills it is under my mother's name. Though we share expenses but I don't think I have any document that will prove that
  10. i think you are posting this in the wrong section of the forum. This board is for canadian citizens/pr's who are sponsoring their spouses through spousal sponsorship. It looks like you are going through PNP. If that's the case, you will be better off asking this question in the PNP board on this forum. People here will not be familiar with the PNP process. Not all processes are the same.
  11. Hi there is this letter hand written? I am collecting evidence for
    My pr application and i would like to send some letters from my colleagues I don't know if hand written would be the better than computerized thanks in advance
  12. Hello, I (Canadian) am sponsoring my husband (Korean) and we are currently living in South Korea. To prove that we will move back to Canada once we receive approval we need to send some supporting documents. I have joint bank account records and my parents will write a letter of support among other things. Does this letter need to be notarised by my parents? I have read that it doesn't and I have read that it does so I am not sure which one is correct. Thank you in advance !
  13. It can be hand written. When we did ours, we used this: http://www.lawdepot.ca/contracts/affidavit-form/?loc=CA . Then you just fill in the parts you want to say. Once we got to the end, we copied it out, removed the watermark and they went to the notary.
  14. For spouse they don't have to be notarised. If you choose to, that's totally up to you. In our view, it strengthened the statements made, because the notary does copy your ID and swears it's a copy.

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