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Regarding Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC)

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by manvi, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Dear memebers

    I have to submit my full docs to VISA office in 120 days time.

    I have question regarding PCC - Is it mandatory to obtain PCC from every city where you have lived after 18 years. I basically belong to Batala ( Punjab ) . I have lived there for 20 years.

    Afterthat I did my job in many cities of Punjab . I lived in Jalandhar for 2 years , and than in Ludhiana 2 years . Now I am in Chandigarh and is living here since 3 years.

    So I have lived in 4 cities ,so do I need to get PCC for each city. It is quite cumbersome becoz i have been living on lease in each city except my home town Batala .

    Please guide me what I can do in this situation.

    Your help should be appreacited.


  2. you need only one pcc from your home town
  3. Hi Manvi,

    You will have to get only one PCC from your regional passport office.

    Plz find the details for the same here.


    You need to give the address proof and they dont accept rent agreement for that.

    You can give your bank account statement for the account which has your current address.
    Also it is mentioned on the website that

    A set of three completed Personal Particulars Form if the applicant has not stayed at the present address for the last one year

    But they ask for it anyways so better be prepared and also carry 6-7 recent passport size photographs.

  4. Dear Sehzd & SapanaB

    Thanks for your replies.

    I would like to share with you guys that my Passport entails my home town address but that I have been living ouside my home town from last 7-8 years on rent basis. So If I send only PCC from my homwtown , will it be adequate to suit VISA office requirements.

    Please clear me on this.


  5. Manvi,
    The PCC is not town specific, you can get 1 PCC from your regional passport office which is not necessarily the passport office from where you got your passport.
    e.g. If you are residing in Amritsar and can provide proof for the same then you can get your PCC from Amritsar even if your passport was issued by Chandigarh passport office.

    I have used above name only for illustration and I dont actually know if there is any regional passport office in Amritsar.
    Again you can find more details here.

  6. Also If you have not stayed at your hometown for 7-8 years , It will be difficult for you to show it as your current address and thus you wont be able to get the PCC from your hometown.

    For PCC, its just the current address (if you have stayed there for more than 1 year) that matters and not your addresses in last 7-8 years.

  7. I stayed in gurgaon for 1 year working there. 2 years i stayed in shariah as well. I am basically from Chandigarh. I asked the gurgaon authorities and they said they give pcc to residents of the area only. So i went to Chandigarh Police Headquarters, filled the form with dates that from when to when did i stay in Chandigarh. So leaving 2 years of sharjah i filled that i had stayed in chandigarh all the while(including 1 year of gurgaon). Got the PCC after 2 days. Sent it to CHC. CHC guys happy. Got my visa.

    If anyone had asked from me then "Chandigarh is my permanent residence, so will get PCC from here only".....

    U are basically been in punjab..be it various cities.

    If your passport and the VoterID card shows your hometown address then get that pcc from there as the police look at these two documents when issuing your pcc no need to tell them the secret.....jad main apna PCC issue karwaya si tad vi ehi do ducuments mange si ohna ne
  8. Hi, I am a new member in this forum. My querry is also related to PCC from India. Actually I am a Nepalse citizen but was in Garhwal University, Srinagar for my M.Sc. Forestry Education (2 yrs) in between 1997-1999. Now I am in the UK, thinking to apply to canada, how to get PCC for the above period from India? I hope the experienced members of the forum will guide me in this issue.
  9. First, follow the application instructions and the information on the CIC website:

    "Non-Resident Requests
    Applicants should contact the Indian embassy or consulate."

    If you have done that but still need help, ask again and tell us why that didn't work...
  10. Thanx 4 the prompt response. I will contact them.

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