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Quebec Selection Certificate Processing Time?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by aliash090, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,can anyone please tell me what is the processing time of CSQ? because i submitted my application/ for csq in Aug 2011,what is the processing time of it and how they send us csq after being processed? thanks.
  2. I forget the exact date I got mine, but it came very quickly after my application was sent in. I would say no longer than a month (this was in the spring) after I sent everything in to them. I don't know what the processing time is right now, but you might want to give Immigration Quebec a call if it's been that long with no response.

    Also, you'll get a hard copy of the CSQ letter, because you have to have the signed original in the future to apply for provincial health insurance, etc.
  3. Hi, i have question in General application form IMM0008, what did u answer to the question #7. a) Have you received your Certificate de Selection du Quebec (CSQ)? if yes, please indicate the number, if no, when did u apply for your CSQ? I know the answer must be "NO" but did u put estimated date of application or did u leave it blank with out the date?

    Do we need to apply for CSQ first before submitting sponsorship?
  4. There were a few changes made (relatively recently) to CIC's forms, and this form is one of the forms that is used across immigration streams, meaning that people applying under the Quebec skilled worker category (which is Quebec's version of the FSW program) also use it to apply for PR.

    If you're applying for PR under the Family Class spousal sponsorship category, you wouldn't be able to have your CSQ before the sponsorship was approved at the federal level. The process you have to go through is to have the sponsor approved by CIC, and only then to submit your application at the Quebec level to have your sponsor approved by them, then to have the PR portion of the application continue at the visa office, once the visa office receives the copy of the CSQ you are issued. Anyway, so you would answer 'no'. There's no need to put an estimated time for receiving/applying for the CSQ.

    People who are applying under QSW instead of being sponsored by a spouse under the family class would have already applied for the CSQ before sending their application to the federal government for all the checks that DON'T have to do with having their qualifications assessed (already done by Quebec because it's their prerogative), so that's why that question is there.

  5. I too have a question. I'll be sponsored by my hubby in Quebec. If sponsorship assesment takes 70 days and Vienna office 9 months, is QCS processing time incuded in those 9 months or do I need to add an extra few months to that? Probably this last thing huh?
  6. CPCM forwards your application to Vienna right after it completes its portion and Vienna should begin doing assessments once it receives it, but I believe they won't issue you a visa (or at least I have not heard of an instance in which a VO did) until they receive your CSQ from MICC, so in that sense, it's possible that really delaying applying for the CSQ would delay your processing at Vienna unnecessarily (I've also heard of this happening when some VOs lost CSQ copies sent by Quebec), but the CSQ application is a thousand times easier than the PR application, so why would you need to delay it?
  7. Bienvenue et bonne chance :)
  8. Hi all,
    Can anybody help me with this question? My spouse and I are applying for common-law and we intend on moving to Quebec. We were approved Nov. 3rd and we found out because she called and call center person told her so. The officer told my spouse they were sending her a letter the same day, even though we gave them her email address. But so far no letter or email and we need some sort of notice because we need to send it to MICC in Quebec along with other forms. What should we do? contact CIC or MICC or both?
  9. Wow, so they do mess up for Quebec applicants :-\ I would suggest faxing and mailing CPCM until they send you the approval letter. Don't bother with the Call Centre.
  10. On the form IMM1344E did your spouse check the box that you would be intending to move to Québec immediately after obtaining permanent residency? If not then you might have to contact CIC and ask them if they will need an updated form, because otherwise they will not automatically forward their sponsorship decision to MICC (which is necessary). Plus, they may not issue you the paperwork you need for MICC, because technically it's not really necessary if you're going to another province.

    If you did check the box then contact CIC and let them know you need that paperwork asap if your sponsorship decision really has been made and approved. What does it say in e-cas anyway?

    Also, you say you're applying as common law partners yet keep referring to your spouse. Not certain if it's just a linguistic thing, but generally common law partners are not spouses so make sure you guys are using the right forms. :)
  11. Yeah sorry, we are in a common-law relationship. And yes she did check the box that indicates we intend to live in Québec.

    On ECAS this is what it says:

    "We received your application to sponsor XXXXXXXXX on August xx, 2011.
    We started processing your application on November xx, 2011.
    We sent you a letter on November xx, 2011 about the decision on your application. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us".

    Is 10 days enough time to give them? and I should contact CIC?
  12. Depends on where you're located. If you're in Canada or down in the U.S. then I would say give it 10 working days then contact them. In Canada there's no mail on Saturday or Sunday, so really only 5 working days have gone by if they sent it out on Nov. 4th. I would give it until next week and then contact them if it were me.
  13. Yeah I'll wait a few more days before contacting them again,
  14. Hey
    I had another question, is a person allow to drop off forms for MICC in Montréal instead of mailing them? Is it same address as mailing them?

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