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Prepaid sim card with 3G data

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Aquib, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if I can buy mobile sim card with 3G connectivity with unlimited or at least 1GB data allowances. So that I can be connected to Internet using my iPhone/iPad while landing .

    As without internet you can't do lot.

    If anyone can recommend any good plan ?

    I will be landing Calgary so want plan which I can use there. , got friend in Toronto who can post that to me (if they can buy that package from Toronto )
  2. You can always use free Wifi's in the airports and cafes such as Starbucks to get connected to the Internet using your Iphone/Ipad while landing!
  3. Yes that we can but i looking for cheapest 3G data sim ? Any information bro ? Pleas let me know
  4. US Airports I have surfed free.
    In Toronto they ask for money - (credit card).
  5. Hi

    May be you can check with Service Providers like WIND and check whether your iPhone is compatible. If so, you can buy Voice and Data Plans from them. Some of their Plans have unlimited Data usage. Whether their service allows Rooting - You need to check

    I would advise using simlar plans till you get settled..
  6. I check loads of network. All charging heavy .
    I am sure there must be some local sim which can give free incoming , free 10-20 mob daily Internet and cheap outgoing for 10-15 $ month.

    Every country have some new local operator which use network of major operator but provide cheaper service.

    They can only be discover by local residences as they don't have much presence in search engine unless we know there name.

    (in UK there are 6 network provider - Vodafone, 3, T mobile , orange , virgin and O2 but lots of local provider like Libra, lycamobile, vecta mobile, gig gaf etc etc uses there network and charges even less then quarter similar things in Italy , France and Germany. ). And best is still they find difficult to get new customer though they uses network speed and connectivity of main operator like O2 Nd orange etc
  7. Hi
    Canadian market is highly protected...

    WIND, Mobilicity,.. are new operators. If you have already checked them, then I doubt whether you have many options left..
  8. Hi ,
    As now i in Canada since 2 week , and you can read my landing observation from link in my signature.

    Best sim card i found for unlimited surfing is
    SPEAKOUT network , this sim give unlimited data for £10 a month.
    Its really unlimited and you can stream you tube and watch online movies on sites like netflix.

    Drawback is that IM services like whatsapp , chat and imessage dont work. Nor skype, viber erc work .

    Still looking at expensive data rate this deal found great useful to me .

    For extra 30$ monthly it give unlimited mgs, 400 min canada wide calls inc/og .

    You can get sim only for $ 10 at any petro canada or 7-eleven stores.
    Not so great here but i got this for 2 week and from second month i only using on iphone or ipad for my data need and will buy cheap 25$ monthly mobilecity sim for unlimited call n tax seperately .
  9. any good option for people who are just going for short landing. what and which operator option we should buy as not plan to settle this year.
    one more thing any idea if our uae or india mobile networks work there on roaming?
  10. Dear Aquib,

    Check Mobile Virtual Network Operators in this link, it may help you.


  11. Thanks for the tipp!
  12. For Alberta / speakout is best for Data .
    Chatter is best for talk if u got own good phone, else go for Mobilicity they are best you just need to buy mobile too . Currently got half price plans too.
  13. Similicious.com offers data packages for mobile phones. They don't do unlimited, but they do offer 1, 2, and 5gb data packages using 3g and 4g network speeds.

    One of there key differentiators is they offer free sim-cards and they will deliver next-day within the city of Toronto, they also cover the rest of Canada, but you will need to provide more advanced notice for delivery. You will need to order online, but they will deliver directly to your hotels or preffered location.

    Well worth a try ;D

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